Werewolf Dreams

Similar to the portrayal in  literature, folklore and films, werewolves appear the same in our dreams. You know these harry, shapeshifting beasts, usually comprising of half human half wolf with extraordinary superpowers.

The werewolf loves nothing more than to chase the dreamer until a point they end up attacking or biting them. The lack of introspection in ones live only enhances the fear that will be projected on the wolf.

What does a werewolf symbolize?

We hate to break the news to you but the wolf is a manifestation of you. Or the you that you don’t want to recognize within yourself. You see, whenever the dreamer remains ignorant into their own behaviors and lifestyles the werewolf will rear its ugly head.

By in large the werewolf in your dream symbolizes a duel aspect of the dreamers personality, suggesting there is an inner struggle between the forces of good and evil. An unconscious battles that hopes the dreamer defeats its negative transformation. 

The hidden meaning behind the werewolf dream

These beastly creatures mirror your inability to control your impulses and desires in a multiplicity of forms beyond the physical. Suggesting that these sorts of cravings end up changing who you are as a person.

During times of struggle in one’s life the dreamer projects on the werewolf its own aggressions and frustrations showing a lack of ability to control these urges or addictions.

Werewolf symbolism in dreams 

  1. The werewolf offers a form of fullest expression of self with no memory or responsibility for their actions.
  2. Man’s animalistic nature, “alpha male” role in domination and his ability to assert oneself in society.
  3. An inability to control sexual impulse or addictions ie. drugs, alcohol, lust
  4. It’s close association with the VAMPIRE the werewolf can be seen as negative person who depletes positive energy.
  5. Changing its disposition at night and the close association with the moon bridges the feminine and the masculine energies; like  a moth to a flame he is driving by the pull of the MOON.
  6. he werewolf offers a form of fullest expression of self with no memory or responsibility for their actions.
  7. Females who might dream of the werewolf might be classified under a fantasy or fear of being dominated or controlled by this primitive masculine energy; or a symbol to integrate this force within oneself for protection.
  8. Puberty stages, the transformation from boy to adult.

Common Werewolf Dreams

  • dream of fighting werewolf
  • dream of killing werewolf
  • having a werewolf as a pet
  • seeing a white werewolf
  • dreaming about werewolves and vampires

Why are you fighting a werewolf in your dreams?

As  long as you are giving up a fight the werewolf will respect you. Fighting the werewolf in your dream represents you trying to fight off these impulses that reside within you.

Essentially by fighting you are acknowledging that these impulses reside within you and you are going to put up a fight. In the past you may have given chase to the werewolf when you were completely unaware of these traits, but now you have more power over it.

Did you kill the werewolf in your dreams?

Killing the werewolf in your dream means you defeated your shadow; the unconscious hidden parts of your personality that have been causing you harm. See shadow in the search bar.

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25 days ago

I had a dream two nights ago I can’t get out of my mind I was walking along this neighborhood and I saw a female werewolf but strangely enough i wasn’t scared I was attracted to her and I could understand her and I’ve been trying to figure out what it means and why did I feel questionably attracted to her

Last edited 25 days ago by Jacob
2 months ago

I had a dream the last night, in combination with a rather similar one. I’m a woman but the dream started with me as a male wolf-man. I was facing a female wolf-person whatever (I say this because we both were standing and didn’t act like wolves but had the faces of them) and I felt a lot of disappointment and anger at her, knowing she had done something bad. I simply remember thinking ‘she needs to be punished, not because I want to but because she’ll cause more trouble if she isn’t.’ So I look to a large dark… Read more »

2 months ago

I had a dream I was being chased then I was chasing it. We both gave up and I gave it some food. It allowed me to stroke it without any kind of attack he kind of acceped me into his pack as when his other pack members called him to kill me as he was the alpha he said no and carried on eating then I kind of woke up. Anyone know what this means please ?

2 months ago

I had a werewolf dream not too long ago. In the dream I was at a sort of…like a hall like a VFW hall or something. We were in chairs and it was night. I was with someone that was sponsoring my joining them. I had just moved to this town because of a low crime rate and was told later it was because of this group. In the dream there was a bite mark on my forearm and we were all waiting. My sponsor next to me then showed he was growing fur on his chest and when I… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by AdarJoor
vicki dunlap
vicki dunlap
Reply to  AdarJoor
2 months ago

i have spent a lifr time dreaming of them i was 8 09 when they started hunting for me in my dreams im always in a different home always by water in woods i will see them and then try to hide most of the time they don’t find me but when they do i sleep with them and they protect me they are huge and smell they live in caves and the side of mountains thets covered up with branches they run in packs 45 years of dreams my totum wearwolf never knew until now indians protect bigfoot and… Read more »