Dreams About Woman

Who is this woman in your dreams?

In our dreams our minds don’t really invent new faces out of the blue, but these people that showed up are real faces of real people you have interacted with or seen in your life. It’s just you might not remember but this has been stored within your unconscious mind.

Think about all the hundreds of thousands of different faces you have seen throughout your lives — not only to mention what you may have seen on social media.

Most people search online to find out what could be the meaning behind these random women that show up in our dreams. These unknown women you have never met tend to manifest in various different forms such as an old lady with white hair, married or a random beautiful woman.

But sometimes the women we see are often holding a baby, giving birth, kissing you or sometimes crying. You might wonder if these dreams have any sort of meaning or it just a figment of your imagination. Well we are here to tell you that this wasn’t just a fluke but she showed up in your dreams for a reason.

Woman in our dreams may represents our unconscious feminine energy, love, wisdom, grounding and rebirth.

Carl Jung Anima Archetype (Psychology)

According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung understood the woman in your dreams belongs to his ANIMA. The anima is a feminine image in the male psyche, and the ANIMUS is a male image in the female psyche.

In a way this women enters our dreams relates to our inner life. Something which lives on beyond our physical existence but rather soul as in the inner force that animates and completes us.

A man who dreams of a woman in a loving, wise or pleasant manner suggests that he is in accordance with the opposite energy within him; dreaming of a witches, spiders or women in a negative way pulls towards an imbalance.

So according to Jung the woman in your dreams hold a very important clue that helps you find balance. She changes depending on the attention you give this opposite energy in your life.

Did you marry a woman in your dreams?

To dream of marrying a woman is a very positive symbol suggesting a new unification in your life. Since our dreams communicate in metaphors and symbols the wedding and apply it to parts of you life where a joining is taking place – both internal or external factors.

This women would be comprised of the feminine or YIN ENERGY that suggest you may have found some sort of inner balance that will complete you.

However, it is not uncommon for dreams to give you a sneak peak into the future — precognitive dreams have been known to allow the dreamer to see what might be in store for them down the road. Could this be your possible soul mate?

Article: Has your soulmate appeared in your dreams?

Old women in your dream meaning

The old women that emerged in your dream represents the wise feminine energy that belongs to the dreamer. She is known to show love, guide and help the dreamer along their lives journey.

Similar to the wise old man, the grey haired women in your dreams brings you guidance and wisdom since she has many years of experience. The Wise Old Woman, or helpful old woman, “is a well-known symbol in myths and fairy tales for the wisdom of the eternal female nature.

Beautiful woman dream meaning

For women to see an attractive or a pretty women in their dreams might be connected with their self image or desires to have similar attributes.

A man who dreams of a beautiful woman might be connected with his anima, or perhaps what Freud suggested was a wishful fulfillment dream. Its possible you see this woman in your dream being the right partner for you in your life.

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Crying Child
Crying Child
1 year ago

What does it mean when I get a girlfriend in my dreams, then she dies abruptly?

1 year ago

but i’m gay… what does it mean when a woman dreams of another woman?

Martin Short
Martin Short
1 year ago

This was a really good article. I often dream about women and my therapist told me that this is a reflection of my mother who was a crazy women who gave me a lot of complexes. I keep dreaming of a witch among other dreams about bears and spiders.