Money Dream Meaning

Dreams about money are rarely connected to financial gain, but rather a symbol that is often connected with personal freedom, energy, power, self worth and security.

The reason why money is such a powerful image in our dreams is due to the fact of it wide range of benefits it provides in our waking life. In fact, money in our dreams can be considered more valuable and beneficial than actually money. Why? Because this is a symbol that may have unlocked some inner potential within you that has the power to do incredible things.

In our dreams money has a tendency to manifest into various coins, notes, counting bills, in the bank, or you may even notice it coming out of an ATM. For the unfortunate ones they sometimes experience money being stolen. Depending on how or where you receive it or what happens contains a hidden message inside.

Though, there are some cases when receiving money in your dream will actually come true in the near future.

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Dream Money Interpretation

What does money actually mean to you? Do it provide you with happiness, security or maybe it just feels really good to have. The importance of money throughout history has altered the way we think, behave, and the freedom and choices around us. Positive dreams about money bring you attention to areas in your life that matter the most. Finding money might even be more beneficial to you as it brings internal wealth and prosperity  in your life.

  • Strength and power
  • Admiration
  • Esteem
  • Opportunity to pursue your dreams
  • Flexibility
  • Love or praise
  • Luck
  • Less problems

Money is placed in such high regard in our lives that its importance can alter our moods and stresses in our lives. Negative dreams such as losing money brings your attention on your self worth or lack thereof. You will lose something that protects you, something that you hold on to that is personal. A temporary block in your freedom or security.

  • Lack of protection
  • Losses
  • Depression
  • Lack of advancement
  • Vulnerability
  • Low self worth

Money Talks & Happiness

The world revolves around money, we try to get ahead in this rat race to earn that Nickel. We inherently feel that money can bring us happiness, however we are not going to argue that point. Moreover, we are going to use what money brings you as a metaphor in your dream. Our never ending search to find happiness. Money dreams might allude to our own personal happiness, either gaining or losing.

Money is a medium of exchange, sometimes we need large amounts to accomplish major goals. Dreaming of money could be a personal reflection of what door may open in the future for you.

What Does My Money Dream Mean?

Dreams about finding money are positive dream symbols that will bring you luck in the future. You found something that holds value in your life and can bring opportunity your way.

Dreams about winning money suggests your hard work will pay off. You will be selected or possibly by a fluke get though with advancement.

Dreams about counting money depends on the amount. Numbers play a significant role in our dreams. What is being counted with value in your life?

If someone is giving you money this dream will imply help is coming your way. Someone or an possible opportunity will arise that will bring you closer to where you need to go.

Finding coins or picking up money shows you will find luck along your path. This will appear and come randomly.

Losing money in your dreams brings your focus to a loss of energy or time that you have invested time into. If you have experienced failure in your life, money loss might be relevant.

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2 years ago

I found lot of money and have dreams about finding coins and bills.

2 years ago

I dreamt that an aunt (but I don’t know her) gave me money in a white small envelop in a party at home that unfamiliar to me. She said that it will help me. Everyone in the said party is not known to me but seemed they knew me even my bestfriend is not my bestfriend coz I do not know her

2 years ago

I dreamt of money that was tasked for me to manage for me and my siblings. My mom (who passed away in 2020) appeared in my dream telling me that she left some money so I could share it between my siblings particularly my sister, Justine, my brother, Jonas, and another sister, Joy (who passed away in 2021). My mom and my two sisters then had to leave and I said I wasn’t going with them. They left as I stayed with my brother.

What does it mean when they left and I decided not to follow them?

3 years ago

In one night, i had 2 different dreams
In the 1st one robbers came to our house and took the money in my apron, i was able to recover some of the money from one of the robbers though not all.

In the 2nd dream, i saw that there was a contribution we make monthly, the contribution just ended and i was given my share of the money, then i woke up

3 years ago

In my dream my brother in law was giving me money. He started off by giving me three twenties, but I told him to give me $100. He then gave me two tens which I thought were two twenties. He finally gave me another twenty so I ended up with $100. Meanwhile he was driving a van on the freeway with someone in the passenger side and me in the back with no middle seats. Only the back seats that held blankets and pillows. There was a small dog trying to get on the pillows but he couldn’t get comfortable… Read more »

theresa uribe
theresa uribe
4 years ago

my husband had a dream last night that he had alot of money in his wallet and his pockets and that he was shopping for a new truck but he didnt know what type of truck he wanted.what does this dream represent