Dreaming of Moths

Moths are highly symbolic and very powerful omens when they emerge in your dreams. Similar to butterflies they go though a life cycle known as metamorphosis, these stages can be metaphoric implying an unknown inner transformation.

Unlike the butterfly this transformation seems to be connected to the darker, unknown parts of the dreamer. The moths nocturnal nature brings your attention to the feminine, dormant psychic abilities, the shadow; or uncharted parts of the psyche that is yet to be discovered.

Moths Connection With The Third Eye

What makes moths in dreams highly symbolic is the fact they use extra sensory means or instinctual knowing to find their way. Moths act as a guide to help the dreamer find the light, usually what has remained in darkness up until now.

Moth Symbolism In Dreams

  • Psychic abilities,
  • Wisdom,
  • Blind faith or fatal attraction,
  • Awareness and instincts.
  • Light and darkness – yin and yang,
  • Shadow,
  • Feminine, nocturnal, unconsciousness.

Fun Fact: Did you know Moths Outnumber Butterflies by a 9 to 1 Ratio; and males have a remarkable sense of smell. In fact not all Moths live long as they are often eaten.

Moth Dreams: Psychic Intuition

Moths mysterious ability to survive in complete darkness might indicate your ‘intuition‘ or ‘inner knowing‘. This is your ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. They can appear for you to trust your gut feelings during uncertain times.

The moth can also represent psychic abilities that where once dormant are now active. Something that was once in the dark (unconscious), is now trying to find the light (consciousness).

Did you know that moths are known for their keen hearing, capable of detecting vibrations around them. The eyes on there wings could be metaphoric to an ‘all seeing eye’ or ‘third eye‘ linking to higher frequencies.

  • Trusting your gut/guide/spirit
  • Time to explore the unknown
  • Psychic transformation
  • Ultra Sound and vibrations
  • Sensitivity

Moth Dreams: Feminine & Moon

Dreams highly swayed by the power of the moon. In astrology the moon is often associated with the emotional body, thus connecting the dreamer with feelings and hidden desires. The moth acts as a magnet heading towards the moon suggesting unconscious emotions rising to the surface.

Are You Being Unconsciously Pulled By The Moons Energy?

Alternatively the nature of the moth might represent something that has transformed within – emergence from the cocoon, awakening and rebirth. The moth encourages you to explore dormant abilities that might be unconscious within.

  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Yin energy
  • Love and romance
  • Intuition

Moth & The Devouring Mother

The attraction towards the light (moon) the moth provides you with insight to create harmony and balance in your life. If the divine feminine energy is distorted the moth might appear to be dead, or a general negative theme associated with the dream.

The moon is often associated with the archetypal mother or mother goddess. A negative correlation with the moth in your dream reflects hidden secrets, deadly poison, abyss and the world of the dead.

You might have heard the saying ‘like a moth to a flame’ to describe a fatal attraction. A dead moth might represent your blind faith heading in the wrong direction.

Alternatively the flame may consume you both emotionally and psychologically as you fall into the trap. The moth is incapable of navigating its way though the darkness as its senses are distorted as your are caught in her trap.

Next the moth maybe associated with the shadow, simply the dark side of someone’s personality. These are the unwanted or rejected behaviors, feelings or urges are often repressed or denied with the person.

The connection with the moon suggests you might want to investigate emotions that are hidden. Failure to comply with its needs the moth will continue to burn in the flames.

How Your Toxic Mother Appears In Your Dreams.

  • Self destructive attraction,
  • Mother complex,
  • Unconscious emotions and behaviors,
  • Moodiness or depression,
  • Immature child,
  • Narcissism.

White And Black Moth Dream Symbolism

A black moth connects the dreamer to the shadow – unknown or unconscious. These dreams can be both negative and positive depending the context and your reaction to the moth. A black moth encourages you to explore the proper yin and yang balance in you life.

A white moth represents the yin energy or feminine traits within. This can apply to both male and female. White can represent purity and innocence.

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Daniel Ratush
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