Dreaming of Watermelon

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians depicted watermelon in drawings on the hieroglyphs of tombs? They also where know to leave watermelon with their dead to nourish them as they journeyed through the underworld.

So do you think the image of the watermelon was just a random craving in your dream or something a bit more meaningful. Why would this tropical fruit vegetable be symbolic in your dreams?

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Watermelon Dream Meaning

They are known to be round, mainly comprised of water, needing the sun to grow, as well harvest on vines close to the ground. When we approach any sort of symbol in our dreams we must extract the meaning metaphorically, and pertaining to the watermelon it provides us with the right nutrients.

Watermelons are considered very positive dream omens when you see or eat them.

Watermelon Dream Symbolism:

  • Nourishes the mind, body and soul,
  • Improved lifestyle, letting go,
  • Fertility and rebirth,
  • Becoming grounded, safety and security;
  • Removing negative energies in your body.

Watermelon Dreams: The Spiritual Connection

Metaphorically speaking watermelons seem to have a close correlation with the root chakra. The ROOT CHAKRA, or Muladhara, is the primal and fundamental energy center, located right at the base of our spine. The bright color red is also a symbol of passion, strength, power and determination growing within.

It regulates the energy associated with instinct, survival, and safety. So what does this have to do with this delicious fruit?

Interesting enough their are many parallels between the root chakra and a watermelon. First they are both bright red when balance or activated, second they need loving warm energy that connects you to the center (sun), and third it is rooted close to the ground (root chakra).

A blocked root chakra causes money problems, mistrust of others, anxious, relationship problems and much more. Eating a watermelon in your dream may imply a new balance that you have acquired in your life.

The Source Of Water

Since watermelons are made up of 92% of water we must examine the importance of water in our dreams. Water seems to be linked to our unconscious emotional state of mind. A symbol of grounding your unconscious emotional energies.

Researches seem to think that the ancient Egyptians were drawn to this fruit for a particular reason. In the pharaohs tombs they found remnants of watermelons when they died, signifying their long journey ahead – a source of water to nourish the soul.

Egyptians were drawn to the fruit for the same reason. And, he adds, it’s why we find remnants of watermelons in tombs, “These Egyptian pharaohs, when they died they had a long journey ahead of them so they needed a source of water—and what would that source of water be?”

Watermelon Dreams and Pregnancy

The size and the seed inside might be metaphor representing  fertility and rebirth. If the seeds (sperm) needs the sun (masculine) to fully grow/cultivate. Not only to mention the extending vine that multiples.

Watermelon Interesting Facts

  1. The cubed watermelon began in Japan where they would grow them in glass boxed to hold their shape.
  2. Watermelons where cultivated in Egypt for more than 5,000 years.
  3. Because watermelons are native to west Africa, they need hot, sunny conditions to thrive.
  4. According to Guinness World Records, the largest watermelon weighed 268.8 pounds.
  5. Watermelons, hence their name, are made up of 92% water.
  6. In Egypt and Israel it is common for watermelon to be served with feta cheese.
  7. In China, guests offer watermelons as gifts to a hostess.
  8. The U.S. ranks fourth in the world for watermelon production. Top watermelon growing states include California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Georgia.
  9. Watermelons could have come to the  U.S. with African slaves.
  10. A watermelon will not grow in your belly if you eat the seeds. In fact, the seeds are highly nutritious with high levels of magnesium, zinc and protein. If you chew the seeds before swallowing for optimum nutrition.
  11. We think of watermelon as a fruit because of its sweet flavor, but watermelon is actually a vegetable.
  12. There are more than 1,200 varieties of different watermelons.
  13. Watermelon is grown in 96 countries.
  14. In the United States among different melons, watermelon is the most consumed.
  15. Watermelon is the official vegetable of Oklahoma. Or is it a fruit?
  16. Mark Twain loved watermelon so much he called it the food of angels.