Why Wives Appear Negative In Dreams

You might be shocked to find out that men have feelings too. The truth is that men do get emotional—they just  have a tendency not don’t show it…

Unfortunately these emotions and feelings become repressed that often tend to rear its ugly head when we are fast asleep.

This is why when our wife’s randomly show up in our dreams the theme is usually bizarre or unsettling. In fact the majority of common dream themes revolving around our wife’s are mainly comprised of them dying, murdered, cheating, lying, or even pregnant with another man.

So what’s really going on here?

Common Wife Dream Meanings

Before you jump to conclusions and start accusing your wife of something you need to take a step back and reflect on your own repressed feelings and emotions.

When our dreams become vivid and realistic its usually a sign to get our attention on purpose, unfortunately when we have underlying issues with our spouse it is often reflected as a bad dream.

#1. Wife Is Cheating In Your Dream?

Unless you have a reason to suspect your wife is cheating these dreams often represents unconscious feelings of neglect, attention, and love that you are unable to express in your relationship.

Metaphorically speaking you have to find out the aspects in your relationship were you feel cheated or lied too. This can be a bit difficult since these issues remain unconscious, however you can use the contents, emotions expressed, and who she cheated on become clues to help you decode.

Alternately you can investigate if you have feelings of insecurity, poor self image, or fears of abandonment that will cause you to feel this way.

How did you react is a tell tale sign of your repressed emotions.

#2. My Wife Is Pregnant With Another Man In Dream

Dreaming of your spose pregnant with another man has multiple interpretations. Pregnancy is actually a positive symbol relating to inner growth, rebirth, or some sort of transformation.

How you react and the emotions expressed in the dream will mirror what change you see in her. Metaphorically speaking if she is pregnant from another man it might imply you might be left out from her new growth, perhaps feeling cheated on so to speak.

Could it suggest that you are not accepting, not involved or perhaps left out of this new progress? If you remember the man he will carry metaphoric attributes that relate to the situation, for instance: If your wife transforms her body and mind by going to the gym as you remain overweight, the attention and love she gives to the gym (inner transformation) results in you left out or overweight.

Furthermore the “so called man” that she is pregnant  with could in fact be “the trainer” of the gym. Dreams have  a funny way of implanting people as repressed feelings and emotions.

#3. Dreaming Of Dead or Dying Wife

Does this mean your wife is going to die? Actually dreaming about your wife dying might not be as bad as you think. Death or dying in dreams can be a symbol of some sort of rebirth or transition in her life.

Your dream uses death as a symbol representation the old her dying off only to make way for the new to begin. This can might mirror old habits, addictions, or past troubles in your relationship.

#4. Dreams Of Wife Murdered

As disturbing and horrible as it’s sounds dreaming of your wife murdered is more common than you think. Often times when we experience vividly graphic dreams when their might be some underlying psychological triggers involved. People who might be suffering from depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder might encounter your wife being murdered in your dreams.

According to University Of Switzerland disturbing dreams of this nature might be a result of your brain’s way of preparing you for the worst events. See article The Benefits of Nightmares.

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Caserio Brian
Caserio Brian
1 year ago

I have dreamt that I had found my future Wife who is so beautiful and cute and Looking so gorgeous in a orange saree

1 year ago

None of these, I dreamt last night that I was at an event and there were 2 of my wives, identical. I’ve only been married once and still am. I don’t know why, but I was supposed to choose one to marry! No one said to me, choose, I felt compelled in the dream that had to happen, but I felt there was a superior there watching.I have my theories.

Reply to  Matt
1 year ago

KInd of crazy, I mentioned my comment above to my wife and the same night she dreamt she was in the kitchen and I was talking to my sisters in another room, She said we were talking about my ex-wife. I don’t have an ex, and she said that I said, I liked her better than my ex and that I don’t even remember her anymore.