Wedding Dream Meaning

Dreams about weddings are positive omens that representing a unification, commitment, transitions and life changes. However, their are negative associations with weddings that results in losses, imbalance and division in your life.

Despite being a very common dream weddings can appear for many different reasons that have nothing to do with an actual wedding.

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Dreams about marrying someone would interpret differently then attending a wedding or a proposal. Additionally the mood, context, and wanting to get married or not will change the outcome of the dream.

Wedding Dream Symbolism

  • Getting married to a stranger or friend,
  • Attending, preparation or invited to a wedding,
  • Wedding dress, cake, veil or ring,
  • Groom doesn’t show up,
  • Wedding party & reception,
  • Broken wedding ring.

Wedding Dreams True Meaning

Dreams speak to us in a language in metaphors and symbols to reflect what might be going on in our lives. We can use the symbol of the wedding and apply it to parts of you life where a joining is taking place – both internal or external factors.

For the most part weddings are considered positive omens that connect, bridge, and unite different aspects of your life that is unconscious to you. You would need to reflect what two opposites are joining together – feminine and masculine traits, conscious to unconscious; yin and yang, practical and intuitive self.

It might even suggest a united energy or drive within that morphs outside,  possibly new partnership, business venture or creative spark. Marriages are the beginning stages of future progress to come.

Marrying a stranger often implies an internal unification where as a friend suggests admiration, deeper friendship connection. Noticing other family members tying the knot suggests new beginnings and advancement in their lives.

Noticing someone else getting married would suggest you are picking up on a unification or joining with others.  There has been a strange correlation between weddings and death, the party before the next stage in life.

Wedding Dream Interpretation: 

  1.  A want and desire for a happy marriage or your desire for a forever happy life.
  2.  New beginning and stages in life and the dream is reflects to your growth.
  3.  Taking on new responsibility and mirrors a new role in your life.
  4.  Implies being restrained and losing certain freedom.
  5.  It indicates the pressure during time of preparation.
  6.  A major change in your life, mentally, physically and spiritually.
  7.  Unconscious wants and desires, not wanting to live a single life.
  8.  Death or ending.

Wedding Cake, Wedding Ring, Veil & Dress

Wedding cakes are often metaphoric in dreams hinting at pleasure and satisfaction after this unification has bonded together. The color of the cake is often white which represents purity and innocence along your new found journey.

Wedding Rings are a symbolic message that relates to your heart. The vein the or vein of love that is placed on the finger the connects to the heart chakra or openness to let in. A positive association suggesting an increase vibration that attracts love energy in your life. A broken wedding ring implies that this area has been blocked or disconnected – mind, body and soul not working in unison.

The wedding veil is also a symbol of the pre-enlightened state, secret knowledge, secrecy, and innocence. The stage before the connection, not knowing what to expect in your life when this happens.

A wedding dress in your dream symbolizes femininity and purity displayed in your life. White is closely associated with light, knowledge, purity and innocence. In dreams its considered the color of perfection.

Hey! Where’s My Groom?

These dreams are every woman’s worst nightmare. Though these dreams never suggest your future groom will back down, but symbolizing disappointments in your life.  Something or someone has let you down when you need to advance in the future as one – an important part of your commitment.

The emotions that are expressed in your dream such as embarrassment, fear, all eyes on you as you are mortified at the altar. These same feelings will apply to what events are taking place in your life at the moment. You might reflect on some events in your life where you are being ‘stood up’, or ‘left’ to fend for yourself.

Women who are planning a wedding tend to have these dreams due to uncertainty and unconscious fears.

Wedding Party, Invitation & Reception

One of the best times during the wedding is the party that follows right after. Dreaming of a wedding party symbolizes a celebration or reward during this unity. This is where the fun start to kick off the new journey that has now transformed in your life.

The reception before the wedding usually implies the waiting period in your life before the fun starts. Dreaming about receiving an invitation connects the dreamer to things that will happen in the near future. You might not know yet but you will part of a connection that will unite parts of yourself or others together.

Renewing Wedding Vows Dream

These dreams are reminders that your commitment is still appreciated and will continue to grow in the future. If you are renewing wedding vows to your partner it suggests strength, celebration and unity in the future.

Dreaming Of My Own Wedding

Dreaming of your own wedding day represents your own unconscious desires, hopes, aspirations and future goals. Women who tend to feel pressure during certain times of their lives due to societal conforming might encounter these types of dreams.

Some dreams might be hinting at what is to come in the future. Psychic dreams or precognition tend to pick up on what is to come in the future. Could it suggest you are seeing what will be heading your way in years to come? Only time will tell!