Tidal Wave Dreams

Hidden meaning of tidal wave dreams

To dream of tidal waves or any sort of giant wave implies that the dreamer peace and harmony would be disrupted. These large waves in your dream serve as a purpose to help the dreamer figure out what has now turned their peace upside down.

Unlike Tsunamis that appears in our dreams, the tidal wave are often influenced by other symbols pointing to a different interpretation. For example, tsunamis in dreams are often caused by earthquakes, whereas larger waves are influenced by the wind or moon.

When it comes to interpreting dreams your unconscious likes to use metaphors in order to help point you in the right direction. Because the tsunami occurs during an earthquake it points towards a powerful unconscious emotional shift after the pressure has built up. The large waves are caused by wind and in dreams this becomes a powerful symbol that leads towards both spiritual and psychological forces.

But the dreamer should carefully pay attention to this unknown powerful force in their lives because it becomes a warning that they might potential drown in their dreams.  In your dream you will either survive, escape or become caught in its mighty power as you wait to get out of this horrible situation.

What you should know about tidal wave dreams!

We know so far being caught up in some large waves in our dreams is a negative omen that implies being consumed by something in your life. Unfortunately, this symbol is quite vague that could represent any sort of turmoil taking place in your life, but what takes place and who you are with will help get you one step closer to the meaning.

Usually the locations, people around you and how much control you have helps narrow down where this issue might be stemming from.

Watching waves from a distance would apply differently to someone who is swimming in the water. Being on the land implies you are more grounded in this situation and observing something in the distance that could pose a threat.

For the dreamers who are caught up in big waves in your dreams represents a lack of control and fears of not getting out of this current situation in your life. If you think about the feeling of being trapped under a wave seems to reflect a lack of control, unable to move, needing to be grounded and feelings of dread in  your life.

Remember the magnitude of large waves invoke is no surprise when you consider that water in dreams most often relates to the dreamer emotional state. So the dreamer must identify where are these overwhelming feelings arising from? Well this why tsunamis are different than tidal wave dreams. Let me explain!

Tidal waves dreams ~ The wind moon hidden meaning

Did you know that the moon influences the waves behavior?  The moon’s gravitational pull generates something called the tidal force. The tidal force causes Earth—and its water—to bulge out on the side closest to the moon and the side farthest from the moon. In dreams the MOON has a very strong connection to the feminine, mother, unconscious emotional state, moods, yin energy, unconsciousness — so powerful that it can drive the dreamer to lose control. In our dreams the waves warns the dreamer dreams about these changes and shifts and by understanding how you would cope and adapt to them.

Another hidden yet symbolic connection to the tidal wave would be the wind. In our dreams the WIND comes on when you least expect it —  an invisible force that cannot be seen but felt. Some say that the wind forms from the spirit (breath), while others suggests it brings change to the dreamer. The wind will emerge as a metaphor reflecting change or movement coming towards you.

On rare occasions large waves or tidal waves are formed by earthquakes. Earthquakes in our dreams points towards an unconscious shift, repressed feelings, pent emotions that have now been released. Sometimes the dreamer will be met with a force that will shake them up – the big waves connect this movement and their emotional state of mind.

A tsunami dream encourages the dreamer to examine these major emotional changes in one’s life and to make sure you are not consumed by these overwhelming thoughts or feelings that harbor below the surface.

Tidal wave dreams ~ warning dreams

On the impression your dream is a warning dream here are some of the warning signs that might hint at a sudden or unpredictable uprising in your life.

  • known to feel very vivid and detailed as if you are actually in the water
  • waking up yourself up in fear
  • drowning to death in your dream
  • warning dreams tend to occur during the R.E.M (rapid eye movement) phase, sometimes occurring twice in one night.
  • other people who would be connected to the event might have spoken about a nightmare with a similar theme of large waves or bodies of water
  • you are known to be someone who has had dreams come true the next day

Alternate reasons why you might be having large wave dreams?

Another way of understanding the meaning of what the tidal wave means in a dream would be to examine the emotions express. Feelings of fear, inability to control, urgency to flee, anticipating the impact, if you will make it out alive; could be hinting at something in your life such as work, relationships, money, emotional shifts.

If you notice in your dream that large waves are coming towards you suggests you are seeing something in the distance that has the ability to wreak havoc in your life. Though, this could be a sign to get out of the way or not to put yourself in a dangerous situation that would be hard to get out of.

Sometimes the dreamer will notice that the waves keep rising to a point of evoking fear and panic. Whenever we dream of waves becoming larger it represents a building emotional threat that might consume and take control of you.

Spiritual meaning of large waves in dreams?

Spiritually speaking waves in a dream can be both a positive and negative omen that suggests you will undergo a sudden change. A large overwhelming dream wave might often be directly representative of huge, overwhelming feelings that have been repressed. These dreams might seem bad a first but in the long run they help teach the dreamer to become mindful of their own personal feelings towards their environment.

Like most dreams, large waves can be interpreted on multiple levels. It’s possible it may mirror circumstances in your current waking life, they may also be symbolic of deeper issues that are of concern to you. Your dream will teach you that you will be challenged in your life, but everything is a lesson only for you to become stronger when these waves emerge again.

Biblical meaning of waves in a dream?

Water plays a very symbolic role in the Bible; known purify, to provide deliverance, and it can also destroy evil and enemies as in the stories of the Flood (Genesis 6:17) and the flight of Israel from Egypt (Exodus 14:1-15:21). 70 to 75% of the earth’s surface is covered with water.

Think about the Christians who are baptized water, representing a purification of the soul, protection, and an admission into the faith. Though, water may also be a destructive force — referring to the biblical flood which only Noah and his family escaped.

The biblical meaning of strong overpowering waves might be a symbol to put your faith into God’s hands and let go and he will guide you.

Is it good to see water in dreams?

Water in dreams helps the dreamer identity their current emotional state of mind — water appearing as clear or calm indicates a healthy mindset, whereas muddy or murky turbulent water points to a lack of clarity. The meaning of water sways from both positive and negative depending on the context of the dream and how the person is currently feeling. Alternatively, some dreamer may dream of big waves, tsunamis, tidal ways if they are picking up on something that will happen in the future.

Can big waves be a positive symbol?

Once the dreamer is able to identity and control these emotions by using the clues provided in the dream will always benefit the person.

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Ashley Clark
Ashley Clark
1 year ago

Just had a very vivid dream. Too vivid. I was in the passenger seat of a vehicle driving south, I believe. In the sky to my right I saw an archangel with very bright blue and gold colors, flying to destroy a missile it think. What ever it was blew up in the sky and the archangel cam flying back down to the left of the vehicle. I was asking the driver “did you see that?” Several times. He finally said yes and I saw the ocean on the left in major turmoil. When I looked forward again a huge… Read more »

1 year ago

So I just had a dream that I went outside after a business job I was doing to check on my mother who was in a food truck really clean ready to leave. She was packing her things to leave. I go inside to fix my pants and to not get wet because I didn’t have an umbrella. When I was done, I get out of the food truck and I’m waiting for her. I was going to step on an area around the food truck but there was a puddle. I told my mother “I can’t walk on the… Read more »

1 year ago

I dream of water regularly but last night was a strange one- i wasn’t near the sea but watched as a giant wave built up and up I knew it was coming I was ready to grab something, people were screaming around me – but it amounted to nothing more than a little splash hitting the floor in front of me and myself saying “was that it “

Cleiri Quezada
Cleiri Quezada
1 year ago

I’ve always had dreams with water in them. Last night I had yet again, a similar dream of being surprised by a large, or tidal wave and I’m always aware it’s coming so I’m able to hold on to something sturdy to make sure I don’t get swept away.

I’ve Always dreamed about being around water or swimming in it with large animals. Like I used to live there in another life.

1 year ago

I have a very recurrent nightmare of standing on an unknown changing beach (i grew up in fl) with a long staircase and dunes. I see my parents up on the boardwalk when i notoce the sky doesnt look right. The ocean washes out and then rushes in like a tidal wave. I scream and i can tell they hear me but chose to ignore me. I try to run but its like running in place. I wake up right when the wave hits. Its disturbing and i wake up out of breath and dripping with sweat. Ive also noticed… Read more »