Dreaming of Tigers

When tigers emerge in your dreams they contain a very symbolic message, similar to the lion but with more feline energy. These powerful animals bring our attention to our unconscious fears, repressed urges, anxieties, strengths and sexual power.

Historically speaking tigers has mesmerized humans 7000 years ago in Asia, thus being a key figure in mythology and folklore. The tiger is extremely dangerous, rare and majestic, though it has chosen to come to you for a reason.

Depending the context of your dream the tiger can appear to have both negative or positive connotations. Tigers in dreams are commonly known to enter our house, chase or attack us, and sometimes if your lucky to be friendly with us. Once the dreamer has this wild animal tamed in their dreams the sky becomes the limit.

Tiger Dream Meaning

Tigers are enigmatic dream symbols that often manifest relating to aspects of yourself, whether you are aware of it or not. It’s camouflaged strips makes it hard to detect in the wild, hence making this majestic animal unconscious to us. Depending on how the tiger appears in our dreams it will inform the person if they are in control of these powerful energies that they harbor within, or be victim to them.

Since tigers are found in the deep parts of the jungle its wild nature brings your attention to your unconscious instincts. The tiger would want you to explore your sexual urges, tension, repressed feelings and behaviors that are often repressed.

Tiger Dream Symbolism

  • Aggressive, territorial or protective
  • Angry, frustration and rage (roar)
  • Fear is our emotional response to dangerous circumstances that we believe have the potential to cause death, injury or illness
  • Anxiety that controls the dreamer
  • Depression
  • Loneliness, boredom and guilt

Symbolic Meaning Of Tiger In Dreams

Often times the tiger appears to be chasing the dreamer. The tiger is a powerful force that has the ability to devour you whole. Metaphorically in dreams, when your back is turned as you are running away suggests you are not facing this problem.

The tiger has been created by your fears and insecurities as you have no ability to tame it. There will be clues in your dream hinting at where the root of the problem lies. The location and the people around you are pieces of the puzzle.

The tiger may be a projection to develop teeth or overcome this obstacle that is seen as a threat in your life. Recognizing these weaknesses within makes the tiger less dangerous. Unconscious Fears are powerful and seductive.

We believe they do not exist, like most of our unconscious fears tigers are often masked by anxiety, depression, unsatisfying relationships, and addictions. The tiger may even show up negatively relating to sexual desire that has yet to be consummated. Feelings of embarrassment or a need to express, the tiger plays a fitting role in your dreams.

  • Agreeable nature.
  • Unable to stand up for yourself.
  • Afraid of making mistakes.
  • Running and hiding from responsibilities.
  • Fear of rejection and hurt.
  • Loner.

Despite the general anxious mood of the dream, the tiger is your guide or friend wanting you to explore these unknown territories by making them conscious. If you are consumed by your fears and anxieties the tiger has a purpose to expose your weaknesses. Once you are not possessed by your fears the tiger disappears back in the wild.

Tiger Dreams: Feminine Nature

Tigers are often solitary in nature, moving alone, never sharing its kill. The only time they socialize when its time to mate. Unlike the lioness, the tiger possesses more feminine qualities; however they are more aggressive and temperamental.

They can be a reflection of a possessive mother, aggressive woman or possible feminine instincts within. They would be equivalent to the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa.

Running away from the tiger might be fears of a powerful women that has her claws deep in your skin. Like the tiger it can be a protector and destroyer; unconscious fight or flight response to this subject.

The possessive mother consumes her children both emotionally and psychologically, hence why the tiger remains unconscious. Her modus operandi is to prevent her children from leaving the nest and becoming independent. She too might be unaware of what she is doing as fears of being alone. She will attack with guilt, shame and other uses of manipulation to keep them close to her side.

Common Tiger Dreams

White Tiger: Noticing a white tiger brings your attention to purity, rare or innocence. They are wild animals suggesting it is unconscious to you, possibly connected to the spirit or higher consciousness. Known for its beauty and powerful ability to navigate through the jungle without being noticed shows your fearlessness.

Noticing A Tiger: Often times you will notice a tiger roaming in a non threatening manner. These positive dreams bring your attention to your fearlessness, confidence, rebellious and courageous self.

Baby Tiger: These dreams might be connected to your innocence or immaturity of your instincts. It has the potential to get dangerous fast if not controlled.

Pet Tiger: This might be a reflection of controlling your instinctive traits. These dreams alter depending the context. Having one in a cage suggest repression, while the house relates to the mind.