Why Twins Appear In Our Dreams

Adorable, cuddly and full of curiosity, babies are amazing to say the least. Now times this by two! Dreaming of a baby is considered a very powerful omen, now you have double on something your hands.

One of the most common dream themes often revolve around babies. Millions of people a month search to find out what it means to dream of twins.

As we mentioned before in a previous article that dreaming of babies can be a very complex symbol. Twins can easily be translated as rebirth, luck coming in twos –  though it not as simple as we think. The interpretation alters when you are pregnant, noticing the sex of the twins, as well if one or both dies.

In order to decode the meaning behind your dream you will need to think outside the box, this is because dream symbol are often metaphoric.

Twins Dream Interpretation:

  • Dualistic consisting of two equal and opposing forces
  • Similar but separate in character and identity
  • Half’s of something whole
  • Luck coming in twos, double work
  • Masculine and feminine unity
  • Spontaneous division

Not Pregnant And Dreaming Of Twins

As unusual as these dreams may be they are fairly common representing unity of two forces in your life. This unity or opposites of something whole can be interpreted both internally and externally. Dreaming of twins are positive omens when you are not pregnant.

In fact your dream is encouraging you to think in twos, but what exactly? You may want to explore areas in your life were multiples are forming or formed. A possible transformation has occurred that has branched out in two.

  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Ideas
  • Career
  • Psychic/telepathic connection

Dream: Pregnant With Twins

Pregnancy in dreams reflects personal transformations, rebirth and new beginnings. Twins in your case might signify double growth in these areas in your life.

How you react to the news will mirror the feelings expressed when this new event happens. Locations and people around you will provide you with metaphoric hints to help decode the meaning.

Negative emotions such as being distraught, not ready or fear will imply resistance to what is taking place.

Twins: Boy and Girl

Dreaming of a twin boy and girl is a common but a very tricky symbol to decode. It seem due to its opposites (dualism) we can explore the opposites within.

Typically in psychology people are characterized as having both a mind (nonphysical) and body/brain (physical). This would direct our attention to the integration of the consciousness and unconsciousness mind.

Ones the unconscious traits, behaviors and beliefs have been integrated you become a complete human being. You can explore the yin and yang forces compliment each other. Alternatively you are working in compliance of the Tao.

Another approach would be the integration of both the unconscious feminine and masculine traits. In essence the twin babies would represent the new energies formed within. Death and rebirth, sun and the moon.

Twin Girls: Two of the same, divine, yin energy, mother and daughter relationship; feminine duality, lighting and thunder.

Twin Boys: Masculine energy, yang energy, father, divine.

Dream: Ultrasound With Twins

This dream symbol is often reflected as an “early detection” or “good news” about future development. You might get this message before hand that the growth process is on it’s way. Remember this will be coming in twos

How you react to the ultrasound will determine how you will receive the news. You may want to reflect in areas in your life were you are checking up on something that holds great importance. The location could also be connected to development in your intuition – ability to see though and detect.

Fun Fact:

Massachusetts has the most twin births of any state in America.

I’m Pregnant And Dreaming Twins

Dreaming of twins in not unusual occurrence when you are pregnant. In fact dreams become more peculiar and vivid during rapid eye movement phase of sleep.

Does this mean you are pregnant with twins? Worldwide, approximately 12-16 in 1000 people are naturally conceived twins. So, the chances of having twins are very rare. So why do you have these dreams?

It might be possible that you have unconscious fears or desires to have twins. Possibly a metaphor for having duel responsibilities as you have to take care of yourself or (husband) along with the baby.

Pregnant With Twins One Dies

 Thinking metaphorically you will need to examine aspects in your life were progress has stopped. What happened were one thing continued but the other failed.

Due to the graphic and vivid nature the dream is letting you know this will effect you mentally. This might have been something you have been dealing with, caring for that has left. However their is still development just one is not moving forward.

Twins With Ex

Dreaming of your ex is a common dream that often relates to unconscious repressed emotions. Feelings and experiences, happy times and bad times all arise in your dream.

If you notice you pregnant or had twins with your ex might suggest new personal growth. The twins might act as a metaphor between you and him, where together at one point and now separated. Remember just like the twins you shared and were close at one point in the womb. Often an indication of maternal instincts and nourishment has stopped.

Spiritual Meaning Of Twins

Twins also appear in our dreams to be symbols of our spiritual progress and possibly new psychic growth. Since the babies reside in your stomach it might be indicating intuition and increased psychic energy.

The bridge between the unconscious and consciousness have now joined, the masculine and feminine energy connected. The twins may represent the parts of you that have been found as the relationship is now alive.

  • ESP abilities
  • Increased intuition
  • Conscious awareness
  • Spiritual ascending

Famous Twins In History

It would be important to examine popular mythological and Biblical text about twins. If fact these stories might have been read a long time ago and are being reflected in a current situation in your life.

If we take Jacob and Esau from the Bible we understand the troublesome opposing relationship between the two. Depending if these stories have made an impact on you it could relate to your brothers and sisters.

  • Apollo and Artemis – God and goddess, children of Zeus and Leto
  • Perez and Zerah – Judah’s daughter-in-law, Tamar, was widowed and did not want to be childless;
  • Eros and Anteros – Sons of Aphrodite