Tsunami Dream Meaning

Did you just experience a tsunami in your dream? Well it turns out that this natural disaster is considered highly symbolic yet very destructive if not understood.

The fact you are emerged in water it points towards the emotional side of the dreamer, however due to its powerful and unpredictable force we are forced to examine something that is unseen within.

When tectonic plates shift below the oceans depths we are encouraged to explore the unconscious –  is defined as a reservoir of feelings, behaviors, urges, and memories that outside.

The meaning of tsunami in dreams differs from person to person though they seem to have the same underlying nature – feelings of fear, lack of control and facing imminent death. Wait.. does this mean I am in danger?

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunamis emerge to teach the dreamer about something unknown to them. But what exactly? Well it turns out an earthquake represents a major shift or change in your life, though it will come with a level of uncertainty.

Earthquakes lets the dreamer know that there has been a build up below the surface that needs to come up. Since dreams speak to us in a metaphoric language it seems as their is a connection between the unconscious and the conscious.

You might not hear or see it right away but it will come to the shore (conscious) pretty soon. Perhaps this event has already happened?

Emotions expressed in the dream will seem to mimic a past experience, something reflecting the present moment, or foreshadowing events to come in the future. The meaning of dreams alter from dreamer to dreamer and the context of the tsunami in your dream provides you with specific clues where to look.

Tsunami Dreams: A Bad Omen?

Usually recurring dreams of tsunamis relate to unsettled emotional disturbances that happened in the past that remain unconscious to the dreamer. In essence the dream is hinting for you to examine in depth these feelings and emotions that are still affecting you to the present moment. Just as the tsunami in your dream controls and takes over your peace of mind or grounding, it reflects how this event has overwhelmed you.

Despite the vivid and emotional upheaval of your dream, tsunamis emerge to help warn the dreamer of the things that are possibly out of control in their lives. Do you know what the tsunami means in your dreams?

  • relationships
  • job or career
  • family life or friends
  • health or finances
  • personal structure
  • attitudes, behaviors or urges
  • emotionally overwhelmed

Could the tsunami in your dream suggest you are going through a personal upheaval lately? Tsunami are known to rare its ugly head in dreams when we are emotionally at a breaking point – or – being consumed by our emotions.

Furthermore tsunamis may also emerge in your dream when you are picking up on an event in the future that might point towards your emotions.

Tsunami Dreams: Running And Hiding

Different dream symbols can alter the meaning entirely so you will need to distinguish the pattern.  We know that its a destructive force that is unknown to you. The force could be an emotional conflict that has been repressed or something out of your control like a sudden turn of events.

We know running away from a tsunami implies you are not facing your fears relating to your emotions. Hiding suggests you would rather ignore this very important matter in your life.

Tsunami Dreams

The color of the water could determine the mood of the dreamer, so if it is brown and murky will be different to clean and clear.  The location and people around you suggests who might indicate what area its pointing too. An attack on your house implies your mind/psyche.

Remember how you react to the tsunamis, your location and who is around you are all pieces of the puzzle. Like most tsunami dreams the subject is either running or hiding from danger. This shows that you are unable to confront and deal with your emotions that remain unconscious.

Alternatively once you identify what this is you can fix the root of the issue, in turn you wouldn’t have anymore tsunami dreams…

Common Tsunami Dream Themes

  • Trying to get to a higher level
  • Drowning in the water
  • Rising flood water
  • Destruction of your town/city/house
  • Loved ones being in danger
  • flooding being trapped
  • Running/screaming for help
  • Uncontrollable waves
  • On a boat
  • Waves coming towards you

 Tsunami Dreams: The Good News

If you survived the natural disaster is a very positive omen showing you overcoming this uncontrollable event.  Despite how scary these dreams may come across they should be used a tool to help better understand the emotional side of the dreamer. Once the issue is brought to the surface no matter how scary once it is known to the conscious it will not be a threat anymore.

Bible Tsunami Dream Meaning

Similar to dreams the bible uses metaphors and parables to send you a message. In James 1:6 – “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind”. Waves or tsunami in the Bible can be seen as symbols of challenges that we must overcome within.

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Jennifer Seguin
Jennifer Seguin
3 years ago

I’ve dreamt 3 nights in a row. The first night I was on a cruise ship and while at a port of call, was shopping too long so missed getting back on the ship, it left and I was alone. I was trying to figure out how to get to the next island to be able to get back on. The next dream, I was in a house surrounded by water. I was supposed to go somewhere and the only way was to go into the water. I knew that if I went into the water, I would be wet… Read more »

Conor Redmond
Conor Redmond
3 years ago

I was sitting in a coffee shop and when I looked out the window to my right a dark blue tsunami that had a line of froth at the top coming rights towards me, everyone around me began to run outside to run away but for some reason I didn’t move when the tsunami reached the coffee shop all the people who went outside were swept away but the water seemed to bounce off the window and I was unharmed. It was at that point I decided to run and get to high ground, so I ran to the back… Read more »

Gareth Walters
Gareth Walters
3 years ago

I had two dreams of tsunamis last night. The first dream was sitting on the coast – around 30 – 40ft up a cliff…i could see the enormous black outline of the tsunami coming from miles off. In my dream i was with a friend. They wanted to run but i held still saying it will be fine…the wave wont reach us. And it didnt. It was scary to watch but also awesome. Then i woke up. Went back to sleep 20 minutes later and was sat on the same coast line…this time looking out to a tsunami that must… Read more »

Shannon Bausemer
Shannon Bausemer
3 years ago

In my tsunami dream I was in a car stuck in traffic. When I looked back I saw a black wave that reached the sky and it was just known it was unworldly. It was the end of the world. Strangely though, I wasn’t afraid. I’ve had many apocalyptic dreams but this tsunami is a first..

Atha J Collinsworth
Atha J Collinsworth
4 years ago

I had several tsunami dreams last night each one changed but everytime i went back to sleep another one came. It was scary.