Dreaming of Head Lice

Dreaming of head lice can be a very unpleasant vivid experience that will leave you feeling uneasy for the rest of the day.  These small, wingless, gross, blood-sucking insects have exclusively chosen to feed on your head for a reason. The distressing helpless feeling expressed in your dream, similar to teeth crumbling, has emerged when you have been ignoring something for too long.

Head Lice Dreams

Lice dreams never suggest your hair will soon be covered with these awful insects, they are metaphors relating to something else. What could that be? When it comes to properly decoding dream you are actually the best analyst, we can just give you suggestions. Dream symbols and not only unique to the dreamer, but it reflects what is currently taking place in your life. Lice to one person might mean something totally different to the next.

Symbolic Meaning Of Head Lice Dreams

The good news is if you are bald you have nothing to worry about. However, the ones with hair might have to do some detective work to solve this puzzle with a fine tooth comb (no pun intended). Lice appear to show you something that has manifested on your head. When we are thinking in metaphors, lice brings your attention to negative thoughts, fears and anxieties developing internally or externally. It is helpful to think of the characteristics of lice and apply it to feelings or situations in your life. What could be…

  • Unwanted
  • Hard to get rid of
  • Not wanting people to notice
  • Something that can spread

Depending the context of your dream the meaning of lice can alter; they can appear to be a good or negative symbol. Common lice dreams are usually found either killing, finding and removing lice on their head. The feeling you experienced during this ordeal is another clue in your investigation. The general mood reflects the exact feelings you have with this issue.

  • Fear or anxious
  • Grossed out
  • Flustered
  • Embarrassed
  • Confused

Head Lice Dreams & Energy Vampires

Lice host off of your blood and keep reproducing until you treat this problem. The term floating around nowadays called ‘energy vampire’ suggests people who drain you mentally and physically. Head lice are contagious hinting at a host or person where it came from. They have the ability to leech off of your aura and drain you slowly. Like the lice they feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. You will experience feelings  irritation, stressed, anxious, threatened, overwhelmed around this person. Your location and people around you will be metaphoric to where the issues is occurring.

  • The Narcissist
  • The Victim
  • The Controller
  • The Manipulator

Head Lice Dreams: Am I The Problem?

Dreams have a funny way of letting you know the problem might be within. If you notice looking in a mirror (reflection) or you might be at home (mind/psyche) as you find the lice. Could it suggest leaving something neglected for far to long? Could this be related to something that is eating away at you?

Common Lice Dream Meanings

Killing Head Lice: These dreams are quite common that are actually positive. You found where the problem is and the dream is showing your proactive nature dealing with this problem.

Lice On My Head: Connects the dreamer with nagging and negative thoughts. Hair also represents personal growth as lice might be a metaphor for interference.

Removing Lice: These are good dreams suggesting taking out the problem that has been effecting you. It might be a task however you are being proactive.

Lice Eggs: These dreams bring your attention to issues that might occur if its not dealt with. Eggs are normally good symbol, however lice hatching is not a good omen. These problems might be difficult to spot but once taken out the threat would be gone.