Tree Dream Meaning

One of natures most precious gifts has emerged in your dream bringing you stability, spiritual, wisdom and eternal life. What makes the tree so symbolic in our dream is the fact that it becomes a mirror of our true self, shaped by its past and what is to grow in the future.

Trees appear during certain stages in our life as it is part of who we are. Trees are perfect metaphors of how strong we are in life, how we transition, grow, or bloom – the connection between heaven and earth.

Tree Dream Meaning

Depending the context the meaning of the tree alters whether you are climbing, cutting, falling, uprooted, or even if you noticed a tree burning. Furthermore, the specific type of tree may even guide you towards the inner journey of enlightenment.

Top 10  Most Symbolic Dreams To Experience

Tree Dream Symbolism

  • Protection
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Nourishment
  • Transformation
  • Resurrection
  • Feminine and masculine union
  • Spirit (breath/air)
  • Fertility

Tree Dreams: Spirituality & Grounding

The tree is an ancient symbol of life as the roots firmly grounded in the soil and the branches reach for the heavens. Dating as far back as ancient Egypt the pine tree can be directly linked to the pineal glad or higher consciousness.

Dreaming of a tree might suggest being grounded spiritually as well connecting to the heavens from the crown/chakra. Could this dream be a refection of spiritual nourishment, or lack there of.

The duality of the tree shows that our self is androgynous; the masculine and feminine must work in harmony in order to become complete. The flourishing of its leaves, as the branches protrude embracing the sun connects to the feminine. The hardness from the roots and bark represent the masculine.

The Bodhi Tree or Fig Tree (tree of awakening) is synonymous with the enlightenment of Buddha. The Buddha meditated without moving from his seat for seven weeks under the Bodhi. As one meditated there energy is grounded like the roots of the tree, as they are open to the universe above.

Carl Jung famously quoted “no tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell”, stating that one should know its evil (shadow), in order to be truly good.

Common Tree Dreams

Tree Falling Dreams

Dreams of trees falling bring your attention to what was once strong, firm and provided shelter is now gone. The location and who was around you could are clues to decode this dream. How did the tree fall? Could it relate to religion, family or relationships?

Climbing A Tree Dreams

Climbing trees are very common and positive omens. These dreams are metaphoric relating to your whole self. You are firmly grounded and protected. As if you where a child again being reborn, the ability to explore aspects of yourself that where once stopped. The connection between heaven and earth, grounding and the crown.

Tree Branch Falling Dream

Could this be connected to your family life? A branch extends; metaphorically possible something that was once in reach.

Tree Falling On House Dream

Dreams of a tree falling on a house connects to the psyche or mind of the dreamer. Something that was once stable or has growth with you since childhood has uprooted or crashed down. What might have grounded your or equated to balance (yin yang energies) has been distorted.

Tree Cut Down Dream

A clue is provided depending who is cutting down the tree in  your dream. Something that once flourished with potential to grow has been cut down.

Types Of Tree Dreams

Pepper Tree: A symbol of spice, fire and excitement that will soon enter your life.

Grape Trees: These are very positive dreams that donates to wealth and abundance. Connecting to the spirit/faith that soon you will benefit from the rewards.

Fruit Trees: The fruit that you see will be symbolic to you. Once you understand the meaning of the fruit you will then reflect it on abundance coming your way.

Lime Tree: Often times these citrus trees relate to love and the heart. Something that is guarded with thorns to protect it has richness close by. These dreams might be connected towards transformation.

Plantain Tree: This tropical tree is considered  an offering plant because it symbolizes both abundance, richness and fertility.

Pine Tree: These dreams can represent Christmas, eternity, prosperity and enlightenment as its directly linked to the pinecone. It also connects the dreamer with wisdom and longevity relating to the third eye (psychic). The pine cone similar shape to the penal gland that is responsible to access higher dimensions.

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