Dreaming of Tattoo Interpreted

Dreaming of a getting a tattoo has been on the rise lately with thousands of searches a month. Could this dream represent an unfulfilled desire, or something deeper and more symbolic.

Since the language of dreams uses metaphors to rely messages, a tattoo represents a part of you below the surface, a message skin deep that cannot be removed – often unconscious to the dreamer. Your spirituality and true self will be reflected on the tattoo.

Why Your Tattoo Is Symbolic To You

What makes tattoos such a fascinating dream symbol is the fact it specifically unique to the person. This emblem is not a topical representation, but a part of you that resonates with your soul.

This is why someone who dreams of a star or heart would differ from someone who noticed a skull. These are very profound dream symbols that encourage you to investigate what is really going on behind the scenes. For you to properly interpret the meaning of your ‘tattoo dream‘ you will have to think outside the box, by connecting  your mind, body and soul.

What Is The Tattoo Hinting At?

  • This is something that defines you
  • An expression of who you are;
  • Unconscious interaction to conscious; and
  • Showing others who and what your true self.

Fun Fact:

Did you know in Buddhism and Hinduism historically used tattoos as a deeper connection to the spirit, and do not hold negative beliefs about the practice.

Tattoo Location: Arm, Leg & Hands

The most common place to have a tattoo is on your arm, however in dreams ‘arms’ whether left or right alter the meaning. Arms are often connected with the ability to love, give, take, create, defend, reach out.

Hands relate to human sociability, and relationship with the world. Hands are known to control, detain, or manage something. A tattoo on your leg reflects your movement, path and balance in your life. Depending what the tattoo symbol represents you can apply it to your own drive in life.

Your right arm/hand might be metaphoric to something that is “right”; also “write” emphasizing what has been written on you. Right is often associated with strength and how others see yourself.

The left arm/hand connects the dreamer to support, and possibly something that has been ‘left’ and now entered back in your life.

Tattoo On Back

Back tattoos can be translated in many different ways depending the size, color, type and it’s metaphoric translation. The larger the tattoo the bigger the message for you.

This can be symbolic to something you may have been caring on your back for a long time. Backs are know to carry a lot of the body weight, his can be more mental than physical. This may also be a result of your past, present and future karma.

Alternatively, the back tattoo makes you examine your own inner strength, wisdom and true nature. Something that is behind you but never leaves. Does this symbol have your back?

Fun Fact:

The oldest discovered proof of tattooing dates as far back to 3250 BC.

Heart, Star and Skull Tattoo

We noticed the majority of tattoo dreams revolve around hearts, stars or skulls. These are very powerful symbols connects to your path of higher awareness.

Skull Tattoo: Try not and freak out but death in dreams is actually a positive symbol. After death comes rebirth. Skulls are reflections of your past self that is no longer as the new is taking over.

Heart Tattoo: The heart is a very symbolic symbol that defines truth, courage, love, and romance. This magical symbol wants you to explore and possibly open your heart and allow love to take over your whole body.

Star Tattoo: They are considered as protective symbols, connecting you to distant divine force or energy. Linking to the yin and yang the good and positive.

Tattoo Removal or Disappearing Dreams

These dreams can interpreted both in a negative or positive context. It really depends what is being removed or disappearing from your body. In essence you are removing or something is leaving your body (mind) that once was part of you.

Removing the tattoo is an active decision to let go of the past. Only you know what that is. You can use the symbol as a metaphor for what has been let go. When it disappears it suggest something that is fading away. How did you feel when that was happening?

Tattoo Artist

Dreaming of a tattoo artist might be related to a wishful desire, or possibly bringing out the artist in you. Their might be a transition taking place in your life but you are not aware of it yet.

If you notice someone getting a tattoo can imply many things. Who is this person and what do they mean to you? Could it suggest they are changing or showing their true colors?