Dreams of Telekinesis

Have you ever had dreams of telekinesis and wonder what was behind the meaning? Dreaming of having telekinetic powers is more common than you may think.

Well you might be shocked to find out that these dreams might not have anything to do with some sort of psychic powers, but rather to do with your unconscious leverage.

Do Your Dreams Come True The Next Day?

Since our dreams commonly uses metaphors and symbols to deliver messages, telekinesis in our dreams represents your ability to influence a physical system without physical interaction.

Telekinesis Dream Meaning

The fact that you might not be fully aware of your ability to manifest your surroundings by using your skill. Depending the context of your dream you would be able to decipher whether this is a positive or negative omen depending on what is moved and the general settings in your dream

Manipulation by using your mind can be both used in  skillful handling, controlling or using of something or someone for your benefit or theirs.

The object that you moved with your mind in your dream becomes a metaphoric clue relating to this particular situation in your life. What direction did the object move in? Did it move towards or away from you?

Alternatively, telekinesis in a dream might emerge if you are too controlling or may have the knowledge to manipulate others or environments to attack or use to your advantage.

Lucid Dream Telekinesis

A lucid dream is a type of dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming.

In most cases with lucid dreaming the dreamer has the ability to manipulate their dream settings giving the unusual super powers such as telekinesis.