Dreaming of Turtles

Turtles in dreams represent your inner persistence, determination, endurance, wisdom and spiritually. These fascinating yet symbolic messengers has just emerged to show you something very important that remains hidden within.

Before we start to examine the symbolic meaning of the turtle we will have to understand its characteristics. Depending the context of your dream you will have to decipher if you are hiding behind something valuable – or – exploring the emotional depths of the your unconsciousness.

Often times turtles seem appear in dreams casually roaming around, snapping, and sometimes finding them dead. The type of turtle and its purpose in the dream can alter the meaning.

Turtle Symbolism

  • Extraordinary navigation skills
  • Strength
  • Longevity and endurance
  • Protected by a hard shell
  • Patience but slow
  • Wise and peaceful
  • Easy going

Dream Of Snapping Turtle

Dreaming of a snapping turtle suggests you need to remain cautious of emotional people – or – relating to your own instincts, behaviors that are not understood. In fact once this is not recognized within the “snapping” lets you know that you irritated it unwillingly.

Could this dream be hinting at your introverted ways, or a need to explore by coming out of your shell? If you are the person who might retreat into ones shell turtles seems to be an appropriate symbol letting you know your insecurities.

Turtles have a protective shell so nothing can attack it. Could this be a metaphor for a defense mechanism you have developed not to be hurt? Does this shell shelter you from the rest of society? Do you match any of the characteristics of what we might be seen turtle like?

  • Need quiet to concentrate.
  • Very reflective
  • Take time making decisions.
  • Enjoys being alone
  • Avoids group work
  • Feel tired after being in a crowd

Dying Turtle Dreams

Could this suggest a rebirth in your life? Not all deaths are bad symbols but good. Depending the context it can have a both negative or positive meaning. How you felt when it did, who was around you and the location can give you clues to who or what it could be.

Turtle Dream: Procrastination

Perhaps your dream implies your slow or lethargic movements in life? These dreams might hint at your lethargic ways causing you to feel sleepy or fatigued and sluggish. Could it suggest you are behind on projects at work that are taking forever to get done. Slow and steady work might not be a bad thing but an indication of doing things right.

Something Has Surfaced

The depths of the ocean can be connected with the unconscious emotional state of the dreamer. Turtles have evolved millions of years ago and are considered the oldest and most primitive groups of reptiles. This might have been something valuable in your life that was once dormant has now emerged. The turtle is often connected with mother earth possibly connecting you to your creative energy.

There could be a connection linking the turtle to pregnancy. Often times women pregnant woman dream of turtles signifying  fertility and protection. Dreams can also connect the dreamer with rebirth as something is emerging from below heading to the surface; the unconscious meets conscious.

Turtle & Wisdom

There might be a similarities between “Yoda” and a turtle. They both are small and green and old looking, coming across very wise. Famous Star Wars sayings “you must unlearn what you have learned” and “fear is the path to the dark side, bring your attention to your inner guide”.

Could the turtle be the sage or the wise old man who brings forth wisdom and knowledge? The turtle appears in dreams when one has started the integration process (going inward) as a symbol of progress. The aged face of the turtle mixed with the ability to live as long as 80 years, it acts as a guide letting you know you are on the right track.

Common Turtle Dreams

Sea Turtle Dream Meaning

Sea turtles seem to be connected more to the emotional unconscious part of the dreamer. Leatherback sea turtles are highly symbolic as they come back to the shore where they where first born. They travel around the globe, yet still know there original home to lay eggs.

The large and endangered turtle has shown up bringing you a gift that is only known within. Other sea turtles are very positive symbols that bring your attention to protection, guide and contentment.

Baby Turtles Dream Meaning 

Noticing baby turtles are positive dream symbols that show you new inner growth is now unfolding. Soft for now but will grow up to be hard and knowledgeable. The exploring has now started as the journey has now begun.

Killing Turtle Dream Meaning

You might be killing off your slow ways or coming out of your shell. It could also reflect aspects of your true self that have been cut off.

Attacking Turtle Dream Meaning

 If you are being attacked by the turtle in your dream it might relate to the feminine energy, unconscious emotions. This can be either connected to the people around you or aspects of yourself you are unaware of.

Turtle Symbolism In Ancient Cultures

  1. Ancient Egypt Nile the turtle had the ability to ward off evil forces. They are also known to to defend health and life; as well being associated with the underworld.
  2. In African fairy tales the tortoise is the cleverest animal sometimes the trickster.
  3. In Hindu mythology the world is thought to rest on the backs of four elephants who stand on the shell of a turtle.
  4. Malaysia to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.
  5. China The tortoise is one of the “Four Fabulous Animals”, the water element in Fung Shui.
  6. Tibet considers the turtle to be a symbol of creativity.
  7. In Japan symbolizes longevity, good luck, and support.
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2 years ago

I had a dream of a snapping Turtle in my room. He climbed to the top of my curtain road. I was not afraid of him. I got him down and he snapped at my granddaughter. He then climbed back to the top of the rod and disappeared. I went looking for him.

2 years ago

I dreamt of a very large turtle who wasn’t slow at all it was actually chasing me but it didn’t seem scary or menacing I just wanted to get away from it…

Paulo Musa
Paulo Musa
3 years ago

Wow, I loved the holistic approach about turtles! By the way I was surfing yesterday and spotted a big dead turtle floating, a little bit outside the lineup. I remembered Sting´s song, “the dream of the turtles, and that´s why I came across dream dictionary. The video “how turtles got it shell”, is so pleasant to the ear and very well explained by the clever pretty girl. The way she speaks of science as something not static, but ever evolving is something not so obvious as it should be to the public. Congrats PBS! So hard to find this kind… Read more »