Dreaming of Frogs

Similar to the butterfly, frog are considered highly symbolic in our dreams that bring us luck, resurrection, renewal and transformation. These random shifts or changes in our lives tend to leap out of nowhere hence why the frog emerges in our dreams.

What makes the frog so special is its ability to transform from a tadpole in the water to a frog on land. Frogs go through a four stage metamorphosis process, possibly hinting at stages of your life at the moment. The tadpole like the caterpillar has no idea what its going become, this is another clue that what you are going though might be unconscious. Frogs also have a unique ability to live in land and water – hinting at the emotional side of the dreamer.

Though whenever a frog attacks you in your dream it often represents unconscious urges, feelings that repulse us, or relates to the shadow side of the dreamer.

Meaning Of Frog Dreams

In mythology and literature frogs are often associated with life, fertility and rebirth, suggesting transformation is now unfolding. They have received a bad reputation for being ugly, clumsy and gross; however in dreams this can be farthest from the truth.

The ancient Egyptians understood the frog to be a very powerful symbol and used the face for Hequt – the God of fertility. This is why frogs are often associated with rebirth in dreams.

Depending the context of how the frog is displayed in your dream it can alter the meaning. A frog can also be associated with uncleanness and fears of sexuality. Frogs sometimes emerge more often with young girls relating to fears and disgust.

  • transition
  • transformation
  • death & rebirth
  • luck
  • abundance
  • wisdom
  • leaping forward

Frog Dreams: Personal Transformation

In general, when a frog leaps into your dreams they bring you an important message. The cycle of life from a tadpole to a frog during its 12 week metamorphosis  stage occurs in water, as they need it to survive.

Remember the story with the princess kissing an ugly frog that evidently turns into a handsome prince. Your dream be related to the unconscious dark or repressed traits that are being transformed within.

Common Frog Dreams

Frog In House Dream: The house relates to your mind/psyche connecting to a personal transformation. Frog are messengers of good luck, possibly relating to your family.

Frog Jumping On You: Whenever a frog leaps is a symbol of advancement. This could be related to work, spiritual or conscious. They appear to show you that you are ready for the next stage; an ending to something troublesome and now it time to move on. The “leap” would be metaphoric relating to something ready to take off or start something new.

Snake & Frog: The snake is a threat to the frog. Depending the context the dream may alter. Could the snake me a representation of energy rising; or a threat to your transformation. Both are cold blooded creatures that share similar process of death and rebirth. Both shed their skin suggesting something new is transforming.

Frogs Everywhere: These dreams bring your attention to abundance and fertility. They are considered positive dream symbols.

Green Frog: Common searched frog dreams appear to be green in color. Green like the frog associates itself with renewal, life and fertility. If it comes across as a negative dream it could suggest greed.