Dreams about Tongues

Just when you thought dreams couldn’t get more bizarre we are going to talk about the meaning behind tongues. Since dreams like to display symbols as metaphors, tongues relate to your speech, expression and communication with others.

Unfortunately tongues like to show up in our dreams when there is an unconscious issues in your life related to verbal interactions. This is why they tend to be extremely vivid that often feels like a nightmare. The most common tongue dreams usually revolve around falling out of our mouths, hair growing out of it, swollen tongue and pulling hair out.

These dreams might make you feel grossed out for the rest of the day, however despite how creepy these dreams may appear they actually can be quite beneficial to you. The tongue contains many nerves that help detect and transmit taste signals to the brain. Metaphorically speaking the tongue connects to parts of your unconscious emotions or behaviors has created an issue.

Tongue Dream Interpretation:

  • language and communication
  • expression (emotional/psychical)
  • unconscious feelings
  • repression (need to express/communicate)
  • healing
  • talking

Tongue Dreams Analysed

Tongues connects us to the deeper parts of ourselves, essentially the tongue can represent how we feel. It would be easy to imply the meaning of tongues represent the same symbol to everyone as nobody shares the same lives. You will need to figure out using metaphors, locations, people around you, and the context of your dream –  if this is either an internal or external problem.

Often times if you are noticing a problem with your tongue in your house or a mirror it suggest a personal reflection, or related to how you feel unconsciously.

Personal Reflections:

  • recent ‘slips of the tongue’ that may have got you into trouble
  • an on going issue where you are unable to express how you feel
  • talking deceitfully, to prevaricate, or to lie
  • holding ones tongue
  • recent tongue lashing – a sharp scolding or criticism
  • lost ability to speak your mind – insecurity or confidence issues

Swollen Tongue Dream Meaning

Noticing a swollen tongue is a very common dream that brings your attention to an inability to express yourself emotionally to others. In fact a swollen tongue would be metaphoric for something that has been building up (swell) that needs to come down – or in your case be treated right away.

This might be an ongoing problem that has not been addressed due to insecurity, fear or respect. Your dream will provide you with clues to help point where the issue may stem. How you felt in the dream reflects how you feel in this repressed issue in your life.

Pulling Hair or Hairy Tongue Dream

Our dreams send us odd images usually to shake you up and get your attention. There is no better symbol than hair growing out of your tongue or you pulling hair out. Hair is often symbolic to something that has the ability to keep growing unless you do something about it.

Dreaming of a hairy tongue brings your attention to the embarrassing things you might say to others that gets you in trouble. A need to reflect on your behaviors and actions around other people.

Dreams of pulling hair out of your tongue often donate to unexpressed feelings and emotions. Pulling is metaphoric to trying to pull or get something out of you. The feeling reflects aspects of your life that leave you feeling uncomfortable, gross, pent up and trying to get out.

Tongue Falling Out In Dream

Sorry did you say something? If you notice your tongue falling out in your dream it represents your inability to communicate properly, or keeping your mouth shut.

A tongue that falls out in our dream is an interesting metaphor for the dreamer to examine how the speak with others, insecurities and fears.  It might suggest you could be too agreeable and are unable to stand up for yourself? Have you been told or to keep silent? Are you a very shy person?

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2 years ago

I dreamt that I was choking on something that I had to get out of my mouth . when I ripped it out and looked at it …it was a part of my tongue. It didn’t hurt. I wasn’t bleeding. But there it was in my hand and I was in shock. It looked dead. when I looked up I saw someone had noticed and he didn’t look surprised.