Church Dream Meaning

Any place of worship such as a church, mosque or temple may appears in your dream for many different reasons depending the context.

This is not just a symbol representing an organization for religious believers, but something that resonates deeper in your mind, body and soul.

The church or place of prayer becomes a structure of your own personal belief system, an architectural blueprint of the codes you abide by, or the personal relationship you have with God.

Since these feelings may be unconscious you very own belief system can be in harmony or conflicted, hence why these dreams can appear both in a positive or negative context. Breaking down what was taking place the church, emotions expressed, and your own current feelings towards spirituality will provide you with clues.

 Dream Interpretation Questions:

  • What purpose did you have in the church?
  • Is your faith strong enough?
  • What are your thoughts or beliefs in your religious.
  • Do you question your beliefs or connection with God?
  • Are you lost, or is the church is on fire?

Church Dreams: The Sacred Place Within

Interpreting the meaning of the church can seem a little tricky because you will need to decipher if dream has to do with your views with organized religion, your personal relationship with God; or revolving around attitudes and morals that you hide behind in life.

Alternatively, the church might be a representation of your entire psyche or the “Self” a need to restructure or have fully integrated these elements.

Inside the church would be your connection with God or “Self” in search to find the ultimate truth; by separating the dark parts the shadow and developing a relationship to a fundamental principal (structure).

Common Church Dreams

Praying to God in your dreams might connect your deeper spiritual side, to bridge or unite to a higher source. Maybe it suggests you need your prayers answered as you might be feelings confused of lost. You can question if this is the time in your life when you need ‘center’ or ‘ground’ yourself, to build back what might have been lost.

Being lost inside the church is a fairly common dream symbol that brings your attention to a lack of direction in your life. Since this is a church you are lost it will mainly focus on your religious beliefs, conflicting beliefs and your own personal connection with God.

A priest, pundit or Imam are considered wise figures to guide you along your path. The image might be the medium between you and the “inner self” or conscious to unconsciousness. The priest will have a specific purpose in your dream whether he is praying, observing or communicating with you.

A church that is on fire has multiple of different interpretations, both contain positive and negative elements. Since fire illuminates and transforms it might be a representation of an old belief system or structure that needs to be rebuilt. Fire is one of the four earth elements that contains destruction or inner transformation –  in Christianity, fire is symbolic of religious zeal and martyrdom.

Could the fire be related to anger towards a belief system created in your life, or your personal views on religion itself? Fire that is out of control can bring your attention to anger, rage, passion or lust. Does this relate to sin?

Hearing church bells is often seen as something new will be unfolding in your life, new beginnings are on its way. The sound of a heavenly message is ringing in your ears for you to hear and nobody else.

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Gopi Teki
Gopi Teki
2 years ago

Hey, I had a dream I went to a temple and my mom told me that I cant go inside because I was not ready to complete my journey. Next thing I know I get inside and I start to fly in the sky and noticed my mom was behind my with cape and a broom, like a witch trying to get be to go back to our home. Me and my mom dont have a good relationship. What does his dream mean?

Reply to  Gopi Teki
2 years ago

Your dream seems important, speak to a Jungian Analyst about it. Don’t hesitate.