Cemetery Dream Meaning

In popular culture many spooky Halloween tales, scary novels and horror movies are set in a cemeteries. Yet they hold fixtures of our landscapes, they dwell usually in the middle of our major cities and towns. They providing insight in out our past, and reveals history about how our forebears lived – and died. So why are you dreaming of a graveyard or cemetery?

A cemetery or graveyard is a place where the remains of dead people are buried or otherwise interred. Cemeteries are very symbolic dreams that have nothing to do with you dying, in fact its metaphoric in nature relates to things in your life that is buried, or long forgotten.

Why Death Is Considered Positive In Dreams

Essentially the graveyard either represents you are going back to the past to dig something up, or the beginning of an inner transformation.

Graveyard Dream Meaning

Often times the symbol of the ‘cemetery’ relates to past feelings, previous relationships, ideas or traditions that we equate to being dead or buried. If you are wanting to have you cemetery dream interpreted you can post it in our active dream forum.

Graveyard dreams can be somewhat enigmatic as it reflects what is personally going on with you at the moment. The symbol that are contained in your dream help decipher if the dream relates to personal transformation; or possible past trauma that is revisited. The location, mood and who you are with are clues when it comes to putting the pieces of the dream together.

Our past shapes us to who we are today, we tend to ‘forget’ these uncomfortable experiences and bury them below us for protection. Once this mold has been created the feeling become stored in the unconscious part of our minds. Could there be a need to reflect on what was settled in the past? Did something trigger a past experiences that made you relive it?

  • Unpleasant Experiences
  • Childhood memories
  • Fears of death
  • A need to rest (grounding)
  • Repressed Emotions
  • Hiding something
  • Anger or depression

Cemetery Dreams: Death & Rebirth

Many people dream of there own death usually freaks them out. After death there is a rebirth – a personal transformation, as the old you is now dead. When certain symbols emerge in our dreams they suggest one thing but mean another.

A cemetery might be the place informing you about death of your old ways, habits or thoughts are no longer part of who you are.

Death serves us a purpose in our dreams showing us that change is heading our way. You have come to terms and accepted this change, as its only a matter of time before the process begins. Coming back to life from death – the symbol of personal rebirth.

  • Spiritual growth
  • Physical or mental transformation
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Maturity
  • Acceptance
  • Ego death
  • Shadow integration

Are You Afraid Of Dying?

Sometimes we overlook the inevitable in life. Unfortunately we cannot live on forever and that thought of death might be live and well in the back of your mind. Some have dreams of coffins and graveyards expressing how they feel unconsciously. These dreams might be hinting at fears to truly live as opposed to actually dying.

Common Grave Dreams

  • Visiting a grave
  • Open casket in graveyard
  • Walking through a cemetery
  • Dreaming of your own grave stone
  • Visiting dead relative at a grave
  • Name on tombstone

Common Graveyard Dream Interpretations

Cemeteries are places ghosts and spirits reside. If you notice ghosts this brings your focus inward to the things that haunt us in our lives. Ghosts act as a metaphor hinting at what has been haunting you for so long.

Noticing your name on a tombstone is actually a positive dream symbol that lets you know a transformation has occurred. You seem to be well aware of this new being.

If you notice zombies coming up from the grave suggests to things that where laid to rest are resurfacing.

If you dream of being buried alive might be related to claustrophobic situations in  your life that are stopping you from progressing.

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Sapnon ka Arth
Sapnon ka Arth
2 years ago

The cemetery and its association with death can have a double meaning and interpretation. It can symbolize the parts of ourselves that we have ‘killed off ’ or stopped using. It can also herald our thoughts and feelings about death and the attitudes and traditions surrounding it.

2 years ago

Tonight, I had a dream where I had to gather answers to questions being asked about the cemetery itself. I had to keep going back and forth to fill out the questionnaire. These questions were things like, “In this row, on the 13th row, what was the date of death?” I was super cautious to step over where the dead lay, though the outlines of their graves were unseen. Each time, I came into this two story building that involved me having to go out through a turnstile that would randomly get stuck. I’ve had so many dreams in my… Read more »

2 years ago

Among the most mystifying dreams I had in my life were dreams about being in big cemeteries. I mean by big, necropolis-sized big. The most memorable one might be one I had once, that I was in a necropolis during the day. I remember I was walking among the tombs, and there was a big mortuary nearby. I didn’t feel any fear, it was during the day, so I walked inside of the mortuary. Instead of finding niches I there were ornaments in the wells, like the ornaments and sculptures you see in a fountain, from which water flowed down.… Read more »

3 years ago

I had a dream of three old graves, one being re-duged by a lady who happens to be a relative of mine. The mud (dirt) that was being dug out of the grave had in it Earth worms while bystanders watched tried escaping the worms under our feet