Dreaming of Garbage

Whether you call it garbage, trash, rubbish or refuse, all of these symbols are discarded by humans. Dreaming of either trash or garbage contains both a negative or positive connotation depending if you are removing or basking in it.

Garbage reflects aspects of the dreamers desire to cleanse and organize emotional clutter from the past. Though this might not be as easy as you think because the garbage in your dream is often unconscious to you. According to psychoanalyst Carl Jung who analyzed over 100,000 peoples dreams linked the symbol of trash with an important internal discovery.

Your dream will provide you with clues to help you decode your dream. The location gives you an indication what needs to clean up or find. What is in the garbage, the people around you and the condition helps you narrow in on your find.

Trash or Garbage Dream Symbolism

  • Personal cleansing
  • Relationships
  • Past actions or behaviors
  • Retrieving the forgotten
  • Disregarded past
  • What you previously threw away
  • Getting rid of metal clutter

Dreaming Of Garbage Meaning

Dreams have a unique way of presenting symbols like ‘garbage’ as a metaphor reflecting neglected or discarded aspects of yourself. What you have thrown away in the past has now come back for a specific reason. Your dream encourages your to rummage though the garbage in order to find the gem that is hidden. Once you find the gem you will then have to connect your past with the present to make meaning of the dream.

What you might be putting aside, or not seeing value in something in your life becomes trash. Ones mans trash is another mans treasure; dreaming of garbage makes you want to reevaluate the importance of what you disregarded in the past. Your dream will provide you with clues where the trash is located and the people who are around you.

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Family
  • Self improvement

The symbol of garbage can also be a representation of organization personal clutter that is of little or no value. These are things in our live that serve no purpose yet you might be still holding on to it. Usually trash inside your house brings your attention to your mental clutter that needs sorting out. You found the dumping ground where all the negative thoughts, feeling and emotions reside. Noticing garbage that can be recycled suggest negative thought patterns that seem to always come back in your life.

  • Negative self talk
  • Guilt and shame
  • Worry or regret
  • Fears

Garbage Disposal Dreams

Dreaming of a garbage disposal brings your attention to the negative energy stored in your mind that needs cleansing. If it is stuck, jammed or working can alter the meaning. In essence the dream wants you to rid yourself of mental anguish that no longer serves you a purpose – a need for grounding.

Dustbin Dream Meaning

You might need to clean up your life; sort yourself out before the junk piles up even more. Was it overflowing or empty? What did you find inside? These are clues that relate to personal cleansing.

Throwing Things Away In Dreams

What you might be throwing away that could have value. These dreams can be both a positive and negative symbol. Usually it suggests that you are changing aspects of yourself that no longer serve you a purpose. If you are throwing away something of value it suggests carelessness of your decisions.

Burning Garbage Dream Meaning

Burning garbage in your dream is a positive symbol that represents getting rid of negative; or toxic emotions and memories. You have accepted and now its a sign you have let go.

Garage Truck Dream Meaning

Garbage trucks in your dream signify a need to remove negative thoughts, past memories and toxic energy in your life.