Dreaming of Candles

Candles where a source of light and to illuminate celebrations dating back as far as 5,000 years, yet the mystery of their origin is still unknown. Dreaming of candles is considered highly symbolic that represent hope, illumination, spirit, and divinity in your dreams.

Candles are used in our daily life for ceremonies, romance and celebrations; though in our dream they hold a more symbolic significance appearing to guide the dreamer in the right direction.

Candle Dream Meaning

Candles can appear in our dreams to be unlit, seen different colors, wax candles, multiple to metaphorically tell the dreamer something. Depending the context, location, and the people around you are clues when you are looking to decode this dream. The symbol has appeared during a certain time of you life; it can come during good and dark times.

  • Spiritual guidance
  • Purification and cleansing
  • Protection
  • Soul
  • Light/divinity
  • Knowledge/wisdom

Candles Spiritual Dream Meaning

Candles can emerge in your dream when you are going through times of darkness in ones life. Times of depression or feeling lost spiritually, the light is guiding you towards your soul.  With the Hindu celebration called Diwali, candles represent light over darkness, good over evil; and knowledge over ignorance. It connects wisdom and consciousnesses. The candle in dreams can interpret very in a similar fashion, when you might be fighting the forces of good and evil – outside or within.

In Christianity the candle or sanctuary lamp is represented Christ always burns in a sin darkened world. In Judaism the candle symbolized God’s eternal presence that can never be extinguished.  The lit flame that is in you, the path in your darkened self (shadow), is bringing you towards the light of enlightenment. Though out many cultures and religions candles can be seen as the spirit of truth, often time lit to signify death; or rebirth. Candles are often symbols of protection from evil.

Dream Candle: Symbolic Colors 

White Candles Dream Meaning: Dreaming of white candles connects the dreamer with pure consciousnesses. The flame burns like your aura that is protected during times of darkness. It burns to show you truth, spirit, self and completeness within.

Red Candles Dream Meaning: The red color also connected with the root chakra – grounding and earth energy. Red is often represented in dreams as love, passion, fire, blood and energy. You will experience new energy, vitality, fertility and achievement.

Yellow Candles Dream Meaning: Yellow brings your attention to intelligence, wisdom and sacral chakra energy.  Higher consciousness, positive thoughts, confidence, bringing plans into action, creativity, endurance and clairvoyance.

Blue Candles Dream Meaning: Blue often signifies communication; throat chakra. Bringing your attention to emotions and controlling negative thoughts. Open to forgive and work towards happiness.

Pink Candle Dream Meaning: Pink candles often symbolizes happiness, positive energy self love, friendship and harmony.

Candles: Common Dreams

Unlit Candle Dream Meaning 

To dream of an unlit candle in your dream represents trusting your inner guides to find your way. The FIRE that is used to spark this inner flame belongs to you; the unlit candle in your dream becoems symbolic of the search.  Alternatively the unlit candle might connect to your own internal flame within. This might related to spiritually or a connection with your higher self; consciousness.

Candle Wax Dream Meaning:

Dreams of noticing wax from a candle suggests pure flesh, protection and humanity.

Three Candles Dream Meaning 

To dream of three candles represents your attention to a time of prayer, penance, and sacrifice. Three or The Triad, being the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle and an end.