Dreaming of Mangos

Did you just dream of a mango? Well you might be surprised to know that this 5,000 year old ancient fruit is not only packed with essential nutrients but is considered highly symbolic in dreams.

Why would the most popular fruit in the world appear in my dreams? Well this so called ‘mango’ has nothing to do with being a delicious exotic fruit, but a representation of  knowledge, relationships, fertility, love, wealth and the self.

Mango Dream Meaning

If think that the mango is a random image that just popped up in your dreams you are in for a shock. It is not only considered a food of the gods, but it is believed that Buddha meditated under the cool shade of a mango tree.

Mangoes have specifically grown in your dream providing you clues relating to the colors, picking, ripeness, or if they are hanging from a tree. The mango becomes a metaphor relating inner nourishment that contains the seed of life.

Mango Symbolism In Dreams

  • Money, luck  and success
  • Abundance
  • Internal energy
  • Fertility, rebirth, transformation
  • Life, relationships and happiness

Mango Dreams Interpreted

In order to understand what the mango means in your life we first need to understand how the mango appeared in your dream. Since our dreams use a metaphoric language to convey a message a ripe mango will interpret differently then noting a bunch on a tree. Locations and the people around you will help narrow down what your dream is trying to tell you.

Additionally since theirs are over 500 mango fruit varieties grown all over the world you can explore if the name or origin ties in with your dream.

Dreaming Of Mango Tree

In Sanskrit poetry and metaphors, mangoes are considered, “the wish-granting trees”, because of their taste and their symbolic meaning. In dream the “tree” is an ancient symbol of life, the roots firmly grounded in the soil, as the branches reach for the heavens.

Ripe mangos being picked from a tree.

The mango tree can be a symbol of grounding, stability, spiritual, wisdom and eternal life. As the roots penetrate down to the earth as the branches touch the sky, often connecting the masculine and feminine energies. Remember at the core of the mango lies the seed a symbolic representation of life itself, the core of your existence and fertility.

Another interesting parallel would be the abundance of of mangoes and the seeds inside them. After the tree flowers the mangoes start develop representing immortality, fertility and abundance. The leaves are used in India during wedding events to ensure the couple bares many kids.

Receiving A Mango In Dreams

Receiving a mango in your dream can be considered a very positive omen implying acceptance, success and a connection with that person.

Picking Mangoes From A Tree Dream

Picking a mango from a tree in your dream  is considered a positive omen suggesting luck, knowledge and success in your life. Thinking metaphorically you are picking up something of value to you at the right time in you life.  that will serve you many benefits.

In essence the mango would be displayed as being ‘ripe’ signifying your patience will pay of at the right time. Since you are picking the mango to eat it implies you are going to benefit from it’s rich nutrients it provides.

Eating A Mango Dream Meaning

Eating a mango in your dream represents fulfilling your desires sexually, emotionally and physically. Enjoying the sweet nectar of this exotic fruit nourishes a part of you that want craving this enjoyment.

Since you are unable to taste its sweetness you will have a strong sense of this powerful aroma that is quite intoxicating around you. Eating could imply finding or bring around a new love interest. Biting into the soft flesh to extract the juices can be related to lust, sexual fulfillment and desires. Emotions stored in the back of your unconscious mind, you are craving a taste.

Green mangoes are related to the heart (chakra) representing love being at the core of your existence. If the mango is not ripe to eat it reminds you of being patient for good news to come.

Red mangos are often seen as symbols of grounding (root chakra) stability, security, and our basic needs.

Eating Mango During Pregnancy

Mangos seem to be the number one choice fruit to dream of while pregnant and considered a positive omen. The tree might be a symbolic representation of you and the baby would be the mango. The seed is a symbol of eternal life and abundance.

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Catyanna Alder
Catyanna Alder
2 years ago

I dreamt someone give me a ripe mango and I are it but then I saw me and my two sisters picking from a tree full of ripe mangos my bag was full and I pick more to help my sisters full theirs and we was smiling

2 years ago

I had been dreaming of harvesting ripe mangoes on the its tree and I gave it to my children and seeing them eat the ripe mangoes.

2 years ago

In my dream I saw a huge mango tree full of fruit almost everything is covered by it, some are big, small it was all green or u ripe. I did not pick any of its fruit I just admired the beauty and dance with the tree as it is turning around.

sarfo isaac
sarfo isaac
2 years ago

I had s dream which I saw mango which was riped but not fully
so there was a woman who showed me some mango tree full of ripe mango
I flew to the mango tree and find some men under the tree
so when I decided to pick the mango I bite by a snake-like looks
and flew down from the mango…..the men apply some herbs on it for me they said it’s not a snake……the thing I see it’s not a snake……..
but it’s in a form of snake but doesn’t look like one

Fombang Siddy
Fombang Siddy
2 years ago

In my dream, am on the mango tree, touching mangoes looking for the ripe one and I picked one ripe mango out of many that I touched

John Stanley
John Stanley
2 years ago

I just dream that my pastor( also he’s my uncle), my older brother and I were picking mangoes and the tree was very big, they both stopped picking and I countries until I woke up what that means?

Lin S.
Lin S.
2 years ago

In my dreams I saw a tree of ripe mangoes in our backyard. My sisters and I agreed to pick’m up. I was the one who picked all of it and we were feeling happy and satisfied… after that I woke up to find out it was just a dream and wondering what it means and I came across this page. I’m claiming all it’s positive interpretation in my life, Lord, Amen!!! Thank you for your interpretation! God bless you more!

Last edited 2 years ago by Lin S.