Dreams of Haunted House

Have you ever had a dream of a creepy haunted house before? Well you might be shocked to find the true meaning.

Just like Hollywood’s supernatural movies usually of an eerie house that has been taken over by a malevolent spirit, our dreams however seem to metaphorically mimic these sort of settings. Though we are not speaking of an actual ghost, rather something more alarming that cannot be seen, but lurks in the dark corners.

Houses in dreams often connect the person to the psyche/mind or inner architecture, so we know that this so called haunt is more mental.

I mean what better dream symbol than a haunted house to represent the things in our lives that haunt us that we cannot see. The good news is that this house will soon become cleansed once you identify what this issue might represent in your life.

Haunted House Dreams

The haunting acts as a metaphor relating to something that has been haunting you from your past. The unsettling mood resonates with your past experiences, unconscious emotions, repressed feeling, or memories that still remain hidden within.

This is why being trapped inside a haunted house is such a common dream theme that represents your inability to move forward from your past.

Haunted House Dream Symbolism:

  • past emotional disturbances
  • memories that haunt you
  • feelings of guilt or neglect
  • past traumas, fears, hurt, helplessness or horrors (P.T.S.D)
  • traumatic events
  • childhood issues (inner child).

In essence the haunted house becomes a warning via your unconsciousness alerting you to cast out this negative energy immediately. Like an unrested spirit it will cause havoc until you pay it attention so it can rest in peace. What could this be?

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The mere fact that house emerge to represent the dreamers psyche helps us narrow down where the haunting is stemming from. Each individual room and floor interprets differently.

It also helps when analyze the haunted house you pay attention to your mood inside the house. Where you scared or anxious? Was the haunted masculine or feminine? What do you think it was trying to tell you?

Haunted House Dream Meaning

Did you know that haunted houses in dreams contain a very valuable message that serves a higher purpose in your life. The theme provides you information relating to your past emotional scars that need to be healed.

Alternatively, you will have to become your own internal paranormal investigator, by digging and sorting out all your past fears or feelings that still haunt you. 

The unknown entity is live and present in your mind and will not go away unless you face it. The closer you get to solving the puzzle the weaker the haunting gets until it leaves your house. Your tools to help contain the haunt would be to head into the dark parts of your emotions that have been abandoned. What possesses you?

  • breakup or divorces; relationship issues
  • humiliating past experiences
  • failures or inferiority
  • anxieties or fears
  • death of a loved one
  • unable to cope
  • family relationships

Haunted House Common Dreams

Haunted Attic Dream

A haunting in the attic brings your attention to the things that are unseen or hidden; possibly relating to forgotten memories and feelings. An area in your house that is rarely used, it collects dust hinting at stuff that has been left unattended. The objects and what you find in the attic are unique to the dreamer to help the identity with this problem.

Haunted Living Room Dreams

The living room is a place where you interact socially with family, friends and relationships. This is a metaphor or your own personal space that has been compromised, a symbol that negatively impacts your mental well being.

Haunted Bedroom Dreams

A haunting in the bedroom might relate to your sexual encounters, relationships, and intimacy. There has been issues relating to things you might not what to expose or possibly not wanting to accept. This is also the area where you sleep, relax and unwind – hinting at the unconscious, what is unknown to you. A bedroom from your childhood would want  you to reflect during that time in your life.

Basement Haunted Dreams

One of the most symbolic important yet enigmatic representation of the unconscious. If this area is haunted you will need to absorb as much details as possible as it contains many clues relating to your past. These are past memories or forgotten feelings that have been ignored. The symbol can bring your attention to your instincts and urges that might have impacted you negatively.


If the bathroom is haunted it wants to focus on your image and inner personal reflection. Toilets are synonymous with letting go of things that are stored within, as showers are about cleansing and renewal. The dream puts you in this room for you to examine what needs to be released from your past that harbors deep within.


If you are in the kitchen when it is haunted it brings your attention to the creative side, connecting with the feminine. A place for nourishment that has been compromised.


A haunted closet in your dream is a metaphoric symbol hinting at what skeletons you are hiding in the closet. These are feelings, memories, and urges kept locked up so nobody can see. Related to fears or anxieties hidden not to be exposed to others.

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2 years ago

I just woke up from this dream. I was in an old abandoned basically falling apart apartment building with a couple other people. There was a young woman living in one of the apartments by her self and I think she was doing some kind of research. The details are kind of blurry. The unit she was in, she had painted and had cute furniture inside of and the water and electric worked. I remember she almost slipped me details without thinking while we we’re talking. One was that it was never quiet and I took that to mean I… Read more »

Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz
2 years ago

I had a dream I was in a massive 3 floor house with like 20 plus rooms I started off in the house no idea how I got there I just started exploring nothing lead me to believe it was haunted at first I kept coming back to this one room on the second floor I noticed something on the ceiling like a water damage spot I didn’t pay much attention till the third or fourth time I came to the room when the door randomly slammed closed I wasn’t scared I figured it was someone messing with me friends… Read more »

2 years ago

I dreamt about going inside a hunted house twice now with the same beginning. Before I go in I touch the cement fence and pray to be protected. Then I go inside the house. I don’t remember what happened the first time I had this dream but this time I was in a bedroom. I was recording myself and basically describing my experience in the room. Then something moves behind me I look and no ones there. As I turn back around a man is standing right in front of me. Instead of screaming and running away, I laugh and… Read more »

3 years ago

I just woke up several times from this dream, but every time I went back to sleep, it kept right on going, as if it had never been interrupted. Here is the dream: My aunt and uncle gave my husband and I their house. It was large and beautiful, but dark and uncomfortable. Their belongings were on the floor, as if they’d left in a great hurry, though they made no indication that anything was wrong. I went to the master bedroom, which had the only window letting in light. I started to hear noises and immediately sought my husband… Read more »

3 years ago

I just woke up from a dream where me, my mom, step dad, my cat and their dog moved into a new house. It was big and felt uncomfortable to me. My stepdad was at work and my mom was folding laundry when I was just laying in my bed and if I looked at a certain angle I could see writing. I couldn’t make it out and didnt understand how I could see it. I called my mom in to check and she wouldnt take me seriously so she didnt see it. She goes back to cleaning and I… Read more »

Gina Tozer
Gina Tozer
3 years ago

I dreamt I was in a large Victorian style home – I knew it wasn’t my home but I was visiting it I think? It wasn’t run down and had the most beautiful detail and woodwork. I was inside the foryer/living room/gathering space. There were candles lit and I was with the first “boyfriend” I had (in second grade, haha) but as our adult selves. He was leaving the house to go get something he said he needed because we thought the house was haunted by a witch. I asked him not to leave me alone in the house but… Read more »