Mermaid Dreams

Mermaids are divine or semi-divine beings that appear in ancient mythologies and folklore dating as far back as 1,000 BCE. They have made an impact in literature, movies, music and popular culture.

These partly human aquatic hybrids emerged from the depths of the waters for a specific reason, they have come to offer you a message connecting to your emotional side. The image of the mermaid can be interpreted differently depending the sex of the dreamer, they can both appear to be mysterious elements of the unconscious that has emerged during a specific time in ones life.

Depending your interaction with the mermaid can alter the meaning of the dream. A positive interaction may point to a healthy relationship pertaining an emotional state of mind. A distorted or negative dream directs you to a fantasy or being lured down the wrong path.

Mermaid Dream Meaning

Men might encounter this women as being enchanted by an unknown being that arise from the depths of this unconscious. Directing his attention to fantasy, love, reproduction, seduction, or his anima – the female counterpart within the male psyche.

In folklore and mythology they are known as water spirits known to lure men into the abyss until they meet their death. Connected with the feminine energy and water connects you to your unconscious emotional state. An image that appears when their is a fear of the feminine, or the mans confidence relating to females in the outer world.

It is quite common for men to dream of mermaids during the stages of puberty or manhood. A symbol of feminine maturity, she will help you explore the depths of the unknown parts and crosses the boundaries. She becomes your guide introducing you to the feminine part of your psyche.

Mermaid Feminine Energy

Similar to boys becoming men, mermaids may appear in a females dream when they are entering womanhood. The connection between the depth of the unconscious and who you are in your conscious life.

Movie influences of The Little Mermaid maybe incorporated in your dream as a symbol of initiation of females into the world of men when the father is absent. Could this movie have impacted your perception of mermaids?

If you are a mermaid in your dream it might suggest becoming emotionally aware, exploring parts of you that were never ventured before. Maybe it could suggest you see yourself as a “maid” for others.

  • Fantasy and duality,
  • Rebellious spirits,
  • Beauty,
  • Temptation,
  • Destruction.