Dreaming of Mountains

Dreaming of a mountain are metaphoric constructions of your life’s path relating to obstacles, protection and spirituality. Mountains emerge during the beginning of struggles or difficult times in one’s life. The context of the dream helps determine your progress in this particular situation.

Mountain Dream Meaning

Life’s difficulties are usually projected on a mountains in dreams. They show us our current progress and determination when we are faced with a major challenge ahead of us. Reflecting on your current difficulties you may notice a similar pattern between the mountain and this dilemma.

Your location helps you understand if you are at the bottom, middle, top or ending of this challenge. You will also want to investigate if you where walking, climbing, snow; or driving your car along the mountain.

If you are experiencing difficulty on the mountain the theme focuses on an unmovable or unavoidable obstacle you are faced with. Life can throw us through loops and this is reflected by struggling, climbing or dangers going up the mountain. These tough challenges in your life, some of them unexpected – are overcome with inner strengths, guidance and proper coping skills.

  • Financial emergency
  • Health crisis
  • Divorce
  • Workplace change
  • Fears and anxieties

If you can pinpoint the area that is causing you much distress you can reflect on this situation to try and make it better. Your dreams despite how scary at times is trying to guide you to safety. Learning new coping mechanisms or trying to find solitude during this difficult time helps get through it.

Seeing Green Mountains In Dreams

If you are observing a green mountain in your dream it is a very positive dream symbol that connects you to your spirit, grounding and heart. This is something you are seeing, perhaps a challenge towards the ultimate end goal of inner happiness.

Water and mountains are another positive symbol that ties into your emotional state, as snow is a symbol of heights and challenges.

Biblical Mountain Dream Meaning

If you notice a mountain in your dream it could be connected to your diving spirit. Did you know in the Bible mountains are mentioned over 500 times and symbolic to the Jews, Buddhists –  a symbol in your dream that suggests you are closer to God.

Starting from the ground and reaching all the way up the the sky (heavens), you are now ascending to a higher elevation. The mountain can be a metaphor for consciousness and the goal to reach a higher state of awareness.

The most common dreams we can encounter are climbing a mountain. These dreams often reflect inner accession relating to conscious awareness. The motionless state of the mountain connects us with our still being, similar to when we meditate. However these dreams might even suggest personal advancement relating to other aspects of your life.