Mirror Dream Meaning

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? I am sure you are familiar with the fairy tale story and Snow White and the seven dwarfs when the queen boldly asked the mirror ,”Who is the fairest of them all”? The mirror doesn’t lie, it told that old hag it was Snow White!

Wouldn’t it be nice if mirrors told you the answers to your questions? Well in dreams we have some good news for you, it actually does, but metaphorically.

Mirror Dreams

Mirrors in dreams are often very symbolic that focuses on self reflection, an new observation in your life. Mirrors are symbols that reflect parts of our identity that is now seen. Mirrors emerge to bring forth a message, they can provide you with wisdom, truth or to deceive.

Mirror Dream Symbol

  • Is the mirror broken?
  • Know they self
  • What is it you see?

Analytical psychologist Carl Jung viewed the mirror to be a magical symbol, as a “knowledge mirror” just like snow white and the seven dwarfs. The language of dreams uses our everyday objects as metaphoric symbol connecting to a deeper part of our soul. Mirrors play an important role in our society as it reflects how we are perceived.

Dreams of mirrors contain both a positive and negative symbol depending on the context of your dream. They can help reflect parts of your intellect as well as your narcissist traits; from inner awareness to loss.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

In a psychological viewpoint mirrors may represent the doorway between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Therefor by observing yourself in the mirror, you are one step closer to knowing the real you; or unconsciousness. This is a symbol that produces

By looking into a mirror, one may look towards the depths of their unconsciousness. The image of the the mirror becomes symbolic between the conscious and unconscious thought processes.

Mirrors have been a focal point in literature, often used to look though in a deeper context. Mirrors have been known to represent a number of things across both of these spectrum’s of thought and image.  In Goethe’s Faust magic mirror it is represented as not as a reflection of himself, but a deeper reflection of qualities he admires, losing his conscious persona.

  • Unknown or unseen aspects
  • Reflection
  • Narcissism
  • Intellect or fool
  • Persona

Common Mirror Dreams

Broken Mirror

Similar to broken glass, broken mirrors in dreams are often seen as negative symbols. The dreamer may want to reflect on broken aspects of there personality, image or self. If the mirror was in your house it brings your attention to your psyche/mind, a place of your emotional state. Broken or cracked related to something you reflect on. It might suggest unconscious feelings of bad luck in your life.

Seeing Someone Else

Dreams of looking in the mirror and seeing someone else are common dreams. These are interesting dreams that make you want to explore the person you saw. What might reflect to others might not what you see in yourself. A male seeing a female might represent his anima, the feminine within the male; where as a female would be the animus.

Teeth Falling

Often times we notice teeth falling or breaking in a mirror. One of the commonly searched dream symbols connecting the dreamer to loss, image and failure.