Dreaming Of A Man

Who is this mysterious man that keeps appearing in your dreams? Every so often we hear about dreams revolving around an unknown man that usually emerges during a difficult time in ones life.

There are many theories about who this man you have never met in your walking life could represent. Some claim the man that appears might be connected to your past life, while others say this man could be your could be your soul mate.

Interesting enough Italian marketer Andrea Natella created a website ThisMan.org in 2008 with a random mans face called Ever Dream This Man?  Thousands of women from across the globe recorded seeing this mans face in their dreams.

In fact this random creepy looking guy had the ability to manifest as a romantic lover, found in deadly situations, know to fly, or perhaps you just observed him  doing nothing. Why had this marketing plan seems to have penetrated the psyche of women all over the world?

What’s the deal? ThisMan.org offers us some innocent and not-so-innocent explanations for the origins of This Man:

Man In Dreams Phenomena:

  1. The man that appears could be a manifestation of God.
  2. A marketing cooperation that  was mentally conditioning multiple people to dream the same man by using subliminal tactics.
  3. Many reported dreaming of this man after they have heard about him appearing in dreams.
  4. It is hard for people to remember human faces in dreams, people are inaccurately using Natella’s identikit of This Man to describe the person in their recurring dreams.
  5. This Man was an example of Carl Jung’s concept of the unconscious “archetypal image” people see during very difficult life situations.

Dreaming Of A Man

According to Carl Jung he discovered that the human psyche was androgynous and consisted of both masculine and feminine. The mysterious unknown man that keeps showing up in women’s dreams might be connected to the animus – the masculine side of the women.

Alternatively, this so called random man in your dreams might in fact be an aspect of yourself. Each character traits of the unknown man becomes a part of the dreamers repertoire of behaviour.

Because of gender-identified ego-development, however, the masculine element in the woman and the feminine element in the man remain unconscious and undifferentiated. When any psychological content is unconscious it follows two courses – either it becomes projected outwards onto an external object, or leads to identification with it.

Unknown Man In Dreams

Could this unknown man in your dreams be your “inner man” or “inner self” that is equally as dynamic as the external male. It could be possible that this unknown man is a manifestation of your life experiences along your journey called life. All of your relationships with the masculine, male, boyfriends, grandfather, father and sons that makes you who you are,

Human beings were created by God with a spirit, soul, and body (Genesis 1:27; 1 Thessalonians 5:23). It has been said that we are not bodies with souls; we are souls that have bodies. The body—the “outer man”—is our physical housing through which we experience the world.

This can even apply for the people who never had a strong male figure or presence in their life – memories of him not being there for you mold under a male figure.

The conglomeration of experiences, feelings and memories becomes stored in the unconscious and is often projected as the unknown man in our dream. Essentially this man is a part of you, a part of your whole experiences from your past and present self. He is just more than a man but a universal patterns of energy that reflect our collective human. How did he appear in your dreams?

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10 months ago

I’ve had the same “mysterious man” in 4 different dreams now. He always seems to play as an antagonist of some sorts, but at the same time it’s like he’s an anti-hero. He’s always going against me, but he never wants to truly hurt me.

1 year ago

I was at home and there was a knock at the door I do not recall recognizing him but for some odd reason I knew him and I let him in and then I felt he was there to tempt me to start some kind of relationship, so then I sent him on his way, not taking the bate, should I say. I knew I was spoken for and I didn’t want to start have confusion on my feelings with the man I’m engaged to. This was the last part of my dream, the first was of a water spill… Read more »

1 year ago

This man was 19yrs and I was walking and talking with him all night he was to be married and needed advice

2 years ago