Why Masks Appear In Our Dreams

Since COVID-19 has ravaged it’s way across the globe, masks have now become the new inconvenient and uncomfortable new norm.

Coping with the new reality has caused a lot of unwanted stress and minor inconveniences in many peoples lives, even though its for the greater good.

Living through a pandemic is stressful enough…not to mention the mental and physical strain it takes on us. For the lucky few wearing a mask isn’t much of a task, however the people who suffer from trauma, anxiety attacks, or sensory processing disorders feel that mask-wearing a threatening experience.

Unfortunately these fears have not only caused a disruption in our daily lives but has seeped its way into our dreams at night. Masks are appearing in dreams more than ever – often resulting in a dark negative style theme, anxious feelings or an unsettling recurring nightmares. Find out what masks mean in your dream and helpful tips on how to combat your mask anxiety.

Mask Dreams: Should You Worry?

Many experts say dreams exist to either solve problems, incorporate memories, or process emotions. Some dreams may even help our brains process and filter our thoughts and emotions from the previous day.

But why are so many people dreaming about being out in public without wearing a mask, or sometimes being unable to breath? Could their be a an actual meaning behind all of this?

Did you know their is such a thing called mask anxiety? It is highly likely that vivid mask dreams you are experiencing involving masks is correlated with the pandemic. Repressed or anxious feelings that are not understood or dealt with in you walking life might make an appearance in your dreams.

  • You might feel trapped, fatigued, or claustrophobic
  • Altered face appearance
  • Wearing the mask might make you sick or anxious
  • Unable to breath reminds you of an anxiety attack
  • Feeling as if you are being judged
  • Seeing other peoples face covered might scare you

Mask Dream Meaning

If analytical psychiatrist Carl Jung was right about our dreams being the psyche’s attempt to communicate valuable information to the individual, perhaps the mask in your dream is trying to tell you something unknown to you.

Maybe your dream with the mask is pulling up unconscious feelings as mentioned above that are not fully understood. If the mask is associated with stress in your life the context and location of the dream might point to the root of the problem.

Dream symbol commonly appear metaphoric to the dreamer, however masks in dreams are often a symbol of communication or hidden feelings – though due to Covid 19 this seems to have changed the meaning. Dreaming of suffocating in your mask might relate to your feelings about the pandemic, an inability to cope with the major change.

Masks have now become as important as our wallet or keys before leaving the house, for now it is the new reality that we have to get used too until things change. You might have to ask yourself how covid really makes you feel?

Mask Dreams: How To Stop Mask Anxiety

  1. Write down all your thoughts and emotions about wearing a mask. See if you can bring up these unwanted emotions that might be lingering within.
  2. Practice breathing exercises: Take a big inhale slowly and deeply though your nose. Keep body and shoulders relaxed. Then for a couple of seconds hold then exhale slowly though your mouth. Blow out the air as if you are falling on a comfy mattress. Repeat this breathing exercise.
  3. Smile under your mask. Smiling helps reduce pain, stress, lower blood pressure and strengthen immune system.
  4. Challenge your negative thoughts: By using Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy treatment help rewire your thinking patterns, or behavior that are behind people’s problems.
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3 years ago

I dreamed I was burning my mask along with others in a big fire pit in January 2021! I don’t want to take it into next year