Dreams about Malls

Mall in dreams are symbolic representations of acquiring, purchasing or obtaining something valuable or needed in your life.

What makes the image of the mall so intriguing is the fact it becomes a metaphorical blueprint of what you set out for in the pursuit of pleasure. By entering this labyrinth of the mind comprising of of different stores, themes, and objects you will find clues that relate to your own wants and desires.

Symbolic Meaning Of Clothes In Dreams

The mall in your dream will be specifically designed relating to your choices in how you are finding what best suits your personality. The dreamer is commonly known to enter different size malls, being lost inside, walking or running, closed or closing mall, or a mall shooting in their dreams. Malls can actually be seen as a positive omen that implies you will eventually get what you are looking for. Recurring themes about being in a mall hints at your inability to acquire something you need; see how to stop recurring dreams.

Mall Dream Meaning

The symbols, items or objects that are either seen or chosen by the dreamer become metaphoric hints relating to obtaining “something” in your life that will provide you with short term happiness. In a way you are seeking for something you want and this is being reflected in your life at the present moment.

The idea that you have worked for something in the past suggests you have accomplished your goal. People who have more of what they want than others do also tend to be happier.

#1. Are You Lost In Mall?

In the pursuit of short term happiness the dreamer  may tend to appear lost in a mall. Being lost suggests you are unable to find you way out of something you went into. What could this be? This is something you may have sought out but have trouble completing the task. If you are lost in your dream you need to find your way home. Are you lost in your dreams?

#2. Running or Walking In A Mall Dream

Running or walking in a mall in our dream becomes a mirror of your movement and progress in obtaining something you want. The speed determines how fast you will get it. You are moving in accordance to the plan you have worked on and you will get it faster than you think.

#3. Mall Shooting Dream

Mall shootings in dreams are often seen as symbols of directed anger at the person being shot. Mall shootings in dreams show a stop to your happiness or outer interference pertaining to achieving what you want. Alternatively, mall shooting dreams might be correlated with fears of this event occurring in your life. Though mall shooting tells you that there will be some issues while you are finding something out that might come in from an outside source.

#4. Closed or Closing Mall dream meaning

Dreaming of a closed or closing mall in your dream represents being too late or not prioritizing what you need and want in your life. The dreamer would need to figure out what they are in search for that currently remains closed.

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11 months ago

What does it mean if I constantly dream about shoplifting?