Dreams of Being Followed

Dreams of being followed, chased or even running away are so common they are considered one of the highest-shared dreams in the world.

You are all alone in a desolate neighborhood, you noticed someone has been watching you and following your every step. The face is unrecognizable as your level of concern increases ten fold as he is steadily creeping up on you. All you know is you must escape from this threat.

Does this sound familiar? Could this suggest you are being staked by someone? Hardly likely.

It turns out that whatever threat you are running away from resides within you. These are comprised of all of your fears, anxieties, repressed feelings, or ignored issues metaphorically staking you.

Just like the stalker they have been following you long before you have noticed it. This impending force behind you wants you to notice it or else your next encounter might not be so forgiving.

Followed or Stalked Dreams:

  • Followed by an unknown stranger,
  • A women or man,
  • The police,
  • A random car,
  • Animals or reptiles.

Unconscious Fear Or Reality?

Celebrities aren’t the only people who has to deal with stalkers. It common for normal people get followed, in fact it is often by someone they know such as ex who isn’t ready to move on, a secret admirer, or some random creep on Facebook.

Regardless you will need to sort out what is actually reality or something that is related to your unconscious fears. Could this dream be related to someone who is following you on social media, sending you texts messages, or maybe someone who makes your really uncomfortable.

What Might Be Staking You?

More than likely the person that is stalking you is often masked as your own unconscious anxieties, depression, procrastination, insecurities and addictions in life.

Our dreams speak to us in a metaphoric language that is trying to help you find what this problem is in your life. Essentially by recognizing this unknown issues you would be able to face your stalker. This unknown person could mirror the human shadow, your disowned or rejected parts of yourself that remains hidden. Repressed feelings, behaviors, instincts, sexual urges and drives that keep creeping up on you.

  • What is something that always follows you?
  • In what areas in your life you feel powerless or lost?
  • Do you feel someone might be taking advantage of you?
  • What fears or major tasks are you unable to face?
  • What could you be trying to hide from?

Help The Police Are Following Me!

Police in our dreams can be seen as a symbol of avoiding aspects of authority in your life. They can manifest as your parents, teachers, bosses or possibly your partner in your relationship.

Alternatively they can be seen as symbols of oppression and dissatisfaction that play an authoritarian direction in your life. This may reflect immature or childish behaviors.

Being Followed In Dreams

Identifying the sex of the stalker might bring your attention to the unconscious feminine or masculine traits within, primary focusing on a lack of balance. For instance a women being followed by a man might suggest to be less agreeable, or stand up to other by integrating masculine energy.

Being followed by snakes connect us to our own unconscious fears, or other people in our  lives. Who or what could the snake be? The color, location, people around you are clues to help narrow down its meaning – snake dream meaning.

Did You Know

  1. Close to  15% of women and 7% of men in the America have ever experienced  some type of stalking.
  2. Approximately 50% of female stalking survivors are first stalked before they were 26 years old.
  3. Close to  80% of survivors reported a person stalking them was known to them in the past.
  4. Around 60% reported the person stalking them was a current or former partner.
  5. Sometime the person stalking them was a family member, a 10% chance of occurring.
  6. Around 45% of male stalking survivors reported that the person stalking them was female.