Dreams About Finding Things

Did you just find something in your dream?

You haven’t really found anything. It came to you!

Anything that you find in your dream becomes a positive omen that hints at future luck, spiritual ascension, wealth and happiness.

Because dreams communicate with us by using metaphors whatever you find in your dream must be decoded symbolically in order to find the meaning.

But here is where it gets interesting. You probably didn’t notice or remember your previous dreams, but you may have experienced searching for something in a mall, packing to go on a flight or perhaps moving around in a vehicle. Regardless, your dream is letting you that this search is over and now you will be rewarded the benefits.

Do you want to know what you might have found what you are searching for? Depending on the symbol that emerges “what you found” it will lead you to your answer.

What dreamers are known to find

  • money or gold/silver jewelry
  • silver or gold coins, diamonds
  • cellphone
  • picking up valuables
  • lost dog
  • baby
  • finding lost clothes
  • hidden rooms or dead bodies

Dreamers Tip: The feeling that you expressed when finding will be the exact feeling when you obtain this prize. If you don’t know what it is than it could be a precognitive dream.

Did you dream of finding valuables?

Finding anything valuable in your dream will benefit the dreamer. But where exactly. Value can apply to both your inner or outer world, what you find and where you find it will determine whether this is related to some sort of spiritual transformation or advancement in your waking life.

Is it good to find money in your dream? Finding Money In Your Dream can be seen as one of the most lucky symbols we can experience that represents new found confidence, spiritual knowledge, gaining wisdom, love or prosperity. In fact, the benefits of finding money in your dream tends to stay with the dreamer forever.

Why gold and silver is considered highly valuable in dreams

In dreams we are commonly known to find either gold or silver coins that actually contain more value and symbolic wealth than money. Why? Because dreams have a tendency to use Geometrical Shapes to help you better decode the meaning, and in your case you came upon the CIRCLE. Now in dreams the circle can  be considered the cardinal symbol of inner completion.

Finding a gold coin in your dream combines inner completion with the iconic image of gold – embodying the powers of the earth (feminine energy) and the sun (masculine energy).  The GOLD coin contains elements of enlightenment, higher consciousness, wealth, growth, and spiritual awakening.

To dream of finding a silver coin bridges finding inner completion; the connection with the moon you have been pulled towards finding this so called coin in your life. Silver is known to represent inner growth, transformation and wealth; known for its feminine qualities and associated with purity.

Did you find diamonds in your dream?

The diamond in your dream represents the light of life that connects you towards the sun (see gold); a powerful emblem of inner perfection and spiritual power. To find a diamond in your dream is a positive symbol that suggests you will reach this level of enlightenment or awareness that you have been in search for.  Once you have obtained this inner knowledge, this light will shine in front of others.

Common symbols we find in our dreams

If you find a Cellphone in your dream it represents a new found connection or communication between two sources. This can be related to your relationships in your life or perhaps an unconscous conscious signal you are picking up on.

If you find a dog in your dream it represents finding a new friend or male companion in your life, or relates to your own unconscious instincts or behaviors that have been found.

The ones who dream of finding a Baby is a positive symbol of new found inner growth or relates to finding your inner child. See inner child dreams. If you found clothes in your dreams it will connect you to a new found identity and image in front of others.