Meaning Of Family In Dreams

Family is the single most important influence in your life hence why these dreams are very important to translate.

The meaning of dreaming of your family alters depending the context along with the emotions expressed in the dream. Did you know it is quite common for people to have negative dreams revolving around their family such as them dying or perhaps losing them.

These minor details alter what the true meaning of the dream represents, in fact the symbols that appear help the dreamer identify hidden fears within. Some dreams you might even be eating with them or going on vacation. So what gives?

Families in your dream reflect your own personal structure, support system, unconditional love, and guidance. Your family dream depends reflects what current issues or achievements that are taking place in our lives. By understanding the true meaning of your family dream you would be able to understand your hidden feelings, emotions and connection you have with them.

Family Dream Meaning

Before you try to decode the meaning of your dream it would be a good idea to reflect on your current relationship you have with them. How did you feel in the dream? What would you like to see in the future with your family? Do you like your family live at the moment? What was your family dream about?

  • family gathering
  • family gathering with food
  • having a family with someone
  • watching your future family
  • seeing your parents
  • dreams about family members you don’t talk to
  • dreams about family getting hurt or murdered
  • dream about fighting with family members
  • sibling appearing in dreams
  • boyfriends or girlfriends or ex’s family

Family Dreams Interpreted: The Good

Positive family dream usually revolve around eating food, noticing a large family gathering, or perhaps just hanging out. Food connects us and nourishes us so these dreams are considered a good omen (see food dreams).

If you dream about a family reunion suggests a new connection, improved support system, support and love in your life. Watching your siblings in your dreams might make you reflect if you are in need of support or help from them.

Family Dreams: The Bad

Families gear more towards a negative theme then a positive. This happens when we have repressed feelings, emotions, concerns, fears that are held deep within.

When you dream of your family dying suggest some sort of transformation or change that might be taking place. Death is actually seen as a good omen suggesting the old dies off. It might be possible that if you dream of your family dying you may have trouble accepting death or fear losing your family.

Noticing your family hurt in your dream might relate to any sort of stressful situation they might be going though. It might be hard for you to express how you feel to them.

It is not uncommon to have a nightmare about your family being murdered in your dream. In fact these dreams have nothing to do with being murdered but perhaps a sign that a major change is taking place. Depending on who did it and where it happened alters the meaning of the dream. You can explore if you have any unconscious feelings about your family being taken away from you or hurt from other people.

Other Peoples Family In Dreams

Dreaming of other peoples’ families is also a common occurrence. You may be trying to incorporate some of their traits into your family that are currently lacking.

Which family members of others are you seeing? Parents, sisters, cousins, and others may each have a different meaning when they’re not your own. These people may symbolize parts of your life that you need to work on and understand better.