Floating In Dreams

Floating close correlation to flying in dreams usually relates to the spiritual side of the dreamer – the middle way before a major transitional shift in life.

In general, floating or levitation dreams can feel quite exhilarating that symbolically represent confidence, success, and happiness for the dreamer. Though many people associate floating in dreams to feel more like a nightmare as opposed to the blissful experience felt by others.

So what does floating in a dream actually represent? Depending the context the feeling of floating can alter between a transitional shift, outer body experience or a symbol representing a lack of control in ones life. Once the dream becomes lucid floating becomes highly symbolic.

Floating or Lucid Dreaming?

What constitutes as a “lucid dream” is when the dreamer becomes cognizant they are in a dream, or gains some sort of control within the settings. Unlike the exhilarating rush one gets from flying in a dream, floating however seems to be the half way point before a transformation will take place. A sensation that almost feels as if a tug of war between the ego and spirit, as if you are being pulled by an invisible force.

Could it suggest that your sprit wants to break free out of the confines of your mind? If so would this be a symbol representing your own fears and resistance to maximizing your own inner potential? Perhaps it is a sign of your spirit wanting to break free.

Floating sensations are closely affiliated with the stage before experiencing an outer body experience (O.B.E) – the dreamer observes themselves while floating over their body before leaving though the room. A phenomena that can be linked to spiritual ascension or an increased of psychic abilities. Feelings of floating above the bed, floating on ceilings, spinning and floating, or – jumping high and floating might be related to the pre stages of an O.B.E. Additionally, dead spirits have been observed floating over peoples beds at night, a movement similar to how the living float in their dreams.

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Levitating Dreams Or Hallucination?

It is often wondered if floating might be linked to a common, yet normal experience called a hypnagogic hallucination. Hallucinations are often confused with both illusions and dreams. When the dreamer feels as if they are seeing — or smelling, hearing, tasting, or feeling — things as you sleep, you may not be dreaming.

Floating Dream Meaning

Anytime the dreamer has a negative dream about floating it becomes metaphoric for not being grounded – a symbol relating to anxiety or having no control in your movements.

Dreaming of floating on a cloud connects to your your hopes, desires and freedom occurring in your life. A closer connection with the spirit and a higher self or God.

Did you observe floating objects? What ever floats in your dream becomes metaphoric for your ability to control or a need for this object to be grounded. If you are floating in water it means you are above your emotions.

To dream of being lifted up in the air implies rising of energy, confidence or understanding. This dream might be metaphoric for your attempts to overcome a problem or win at something. If you are dreaming of being dragged out of bed these nightmares can be directly linked to sleep paralysis.