Dreams About The Face

The Meaning Behind Face Dreams

A face in your dream expresses the inside of the dreamer personality revealing a person’s true character, health, and emotional state of mind.

Whenever a mirror or reflection shows back the dreamers face it shows what is really taking place behind the mask you wear. How we feel on the inside will naturally reflect on the outside in our dreams. This is why we never notice our faces in our dreams until something negative usually occurs to get your attention.

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Face Dream Meaning

Though your dream will provide you with the right amount of clues to highlight the underlying problem you might not be aware of. The expression reflected on our face shows our true reflection in life – and our perception of the way others may see us. This is why dreaming of either distorted or disfigured face is common in our dreams. Unconscious feelings and emotions are being expressed.

#1. Dreaming Of Injured or Damaged Face

To see a face injured in a dream connects to the emotional state of the dreamer. This shows an inability to heal from past hurt that is affecting the present moment. The injured face becomes a metaphor implying the current state of the dreamer.

The injured or damaged face encourages the dreamer to reflect on past emotional trauma, identity problems, and sorting though emotional difficulties.

#2. Distorted or Deformed Face Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a distorted face feels more like nightmare, however these vivid dreams reflect the dreamers internal feelings. Unconscious negative feelings reflecting poor self image and identity. This issue might make you feel something is permanently wrong with your personality, however it becomes a symbol for you to change and correct things within in order to feel better on the outside.

#3. Blurry Face Dream Meaning

Are you dreaming a guy with a blurry face? The man in fact might be aspects of you that you are unable to identity with. The blurry face becomes a metaphor for not seeing clearly or not being able to make something out. The location and context of your dream will become clues where to look.

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#4. Face Painted Dreams

Dreaming of your face painted represents covering and concealing your true self.  The exact colors might reflect the dreamers inner appearance and power. Alternatively, the face paint represents the dreamers current mood, attitude and emotions. (see colors dream meaning).

#5. Bonus Faces In Dreams

Did you know that our mind is not inventing faces, rather we see real faces of real people that we have encountered in our lives. You may or may not remember all of them, but these facial imaged are lodged in our unconscious minds, only to be presented when we sleep at night. In fact the human brain can see hundreds of thousands of faces in our lives, enough to have an endless supply.