Dreaming of Foxes

Whenever a fox appears in your dreams pay very close attention as you are dealing with a very symbolic yet deceitful animal. These are wild animals known for their intelligence, swift movements, and the ability to adapt in difficult situations. They are also commonly associated with being cunning, tricky and calculating in there behaviors.

Fox Dream Meaning

Depending how the fox is displayed in your dream the symbol can have a both negative or positive outcome. By analyzing your dream you will have to decipher if the fox is pretending to be your guide to set you in his trap or actually their to protect you.

Metaphoric Hints :

  • Foxy (attractiveness)
  • Crazy like a fox
  • Sly as a fox
  • Fox in the hen house

Fox Dreams: The Classic Troll

Foxes are found throughout throughout Europe, temperate Asia, northern Africa, and North America. They have played a vital role in mythology showing us depiction by using its intelligence. Similar to the crow, foxes are known as tricksters in mythology using it wits, rather than strength or authority, to accomplish its goals. These could be people you know who display these characteristics.

The term ‘to outfox’ is used when someone has pulled the wool over your eyes. In modern times we will call these people ‘master trolls’, the ones who exhibit a great degree of intellect by stirring the pot and watching problems unfold themselves. They will sit back and enjoy the show they created. Could you dream suggest you are taken advantage of by someone who possesses these traits?

  • Deceiving
  • Smart
  • Troublemaker
  • Manipulating
  • Funny/silly (class clown)
  • Disguise

Dream Of Fox In My House

Foxes are known for sneaking into homes and getting away without being caught. Whenever a fox appears in your house in your dreams it connects with your mind/psyche. Different parts of the house would be metaphoric to what area to investigate, for example: the basement connects to the unconsciousness where as the bedroom would relate to relationships.

Remember they are wild animals relating to our instincts so you would want them to be outside your house and not inside. This could be connected to our shadow side; the ignored or repressed behaviors; or dark side of the dreamer.

Dead Fox Dream

Dreaming of a dead fox brings your attention to a possible threat is no longer a concern. This could have been someone or something that had all the similarities of the fox is now gone. Could the fox be traits that you no longer possess?

Fox Chasing You In Dream

When a fox chases you in a dream focuses on ignoring your shadow (repressed emotions or instincts). You may try and avoid it and the only way is to face it. Running away is a symbol of ignoring an issue.

Who Is Like This Guy?

There is no better example of a trickster in modern movies other than Jack Sparrow. He fits what its really like to be a trickster. Could you dream suggest you are Jack Sparrow himself or being fooled by him….