Dreaming of a Funeral

What if I told you dreaming of a funeral is actually a positive dream symbol?

You might think the worst when you wake up from this vivid dream thinking you or someone close to you is going to die. Well technically this is true, but not in the way you think it means.

Funeral Dream Meaning

Funerals in dreams represents a personal rebirth, inner transformation, endings, and major changes in our lives. We often see these shifts occurring in our personal growth, relationships, puberty, maturity of the Self – death being metaphoric for a rebirth to come.

Benefits Of Dying In Dreams

Whenever this major transition or shift occurs suddenly in your life the mood and vividness of the dream increases. Famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu quoted: “new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” Similarly depicted in our dream death can be seen as something sudden and unexpected, however this change needs to be done in order to grow.

Keep in mind these dreams can be quite common if someone close to you passed away or if you unconsciously fear your own mortality.

Common Funeral Dreams

  • Loved one in a coffin
  • Being buried
  • Alive but nobody noticed you
  • Open casket
  • Gathering

Attending A Funeral Dreams

Death in dreams is accompanied with personal rebirth or transformation. Funerals in dreams imply the stage right before this process is going to take place, a limbo period before change. The events leading to this death was supposed at this time as it has been long over due.

As you get older you are no longer the person you were in the past. The ending of the old you might be represented as death.  These major changes in ones life are synonymous with death as one sheds its skin for something new to be reborn.

  • Ending of past suffering
  • Old habits or behaviors
  • Conscious shifts
  • Maturity
  • Health and lifestyle changes
  • Spiritually

Funerals Dreams: Burying?

A key symbol that is often overlooked is burying during funerals. You might notice the casket being lowered in the ground and being covered with dirt. These dreams might bring your attention to feelings, memories or the past relationships that need to be buried.

Could it suggest that something has been covered or hidden between the two people? It might also suggest you are picking up a change the person is going though. It is very rare these dreams are of an actual death.

If you are being buried in your dream then transformation is on it’s way. If you are alive while being buried shows an inner resistance to change. You might not want to accept the change that is taking place. See coffin or casket dreams.

  • No longer going forward
  • Put to rest
  • Cutting ties or communication
  • Transformations
  • Hiding something
  • Secrets

Funeral Dream Meaning

Oddly enough one of the better dream symbol on can experience is about death and dying. This means that the old parts of you, or the persons funeral you attended is dying off. After the funeral there is a celebration or party, though this is never seen in dreams.

It might seem depressing or scary but these are actually positive dreams that show new growth ahead. We go though all sorts of major transitions in life, sometimes the symbol of death is appropriate in dreams.

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Melissa Iribe
Melissa Iribe
2 years ago

My grandma passed away almost 9 years ago. The morning before I knew she passed away I dreamt of a little girl we used to take care of, who sadly had passed away, wake up from her coffin with a bright light behind her coming towards me. Woke up distraught and so afraid , a few hours later I receive the news. Anywho, this morning I had a dream of a funeral, No one’s specifically, but it was at my deceased grandmas home. In Mexico that is a tradition to have the waking at that persons home. So then there’s… Read more »

2 years ago

My dream goes: so there was a service where grandma‘s funeral was. I saw a family relative but like the younger version of her when she was like really skinny no tattoos she had a bong and she hit it but her lips and mouth were black. she was sitting next to Marleny ( a person who is not family and no one likes ) who was laughing and then the church service was starting and they were singing a sad Christian song and when I looked up to see the pastor all I saw was my grandma‘s funeral. I… Read more »

3 years ago

I have this dream quite a lot. It starts off were im all alone, its dark and im screaming for help. I just keep walking and then all of a sudden there is this person dressed all in black and i cant see there face. I start to slowly back away and the person starts to follow. I start running so is this unknow person. I look back to see if the persons still following and as i turn back around i come crashing into this coffin. Its opened and there i am. I look up and there’s the unknown… Read more »

3 years ago

I was informed of the death of my teenage child. (In real life he is 29yrs old, this week he will end his job and start a new one April 5th). It’s early morning. And the funeral is at 9:30am I try to find out why he died. There are people around me. One is a girlfriend of mine. I reach out for box of tissues as I would need for the funeral. I am at a new building lobby, supposedly is the school and want to find out why he died. I am very upset. While going to the… Read more »

4 years ago

DREAM: I walk into the church. On the left side sits my ex’s current distraction(gf) and her family and friends. On the right sits his family and friends. There is sobbing, whispers and gossip going on as I walk down the aisle to the front where my ex lies in a coffin. Everyone is wearing black or dark colors. I am wearing a white, soft fabric dress with open back that shows my curves well. My expression, must steps, my breathing are light. People look up and notice. His gf looks up after female with her looks up, nudging her.… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
4 years ago

I’m glad you see it as positive, thank you. But I gave a lot of detail and was wondering if any of that was symbolic and/or had meaning to give more substance for a deeper explanation.
I like detail ;p