Dreams about Flies

What is the meaning of flies in our dream?

In contrast to ants and bees, flies in our dreams always seen to have a negative connotations correlated with them.

Maybe its because we have such a strong desire to kill or get rid of them if found inside our home or buzzing around our food.

Most often our inner feelings about flies seems to be projected in our dreams; feelings of insignificance and annoyance seems to be pointing at something in your life.

But the fly is not like any other insects that randomly appears in our dreams, due to the fact its born onto decaying organic matter such as food waste, carrion, or feces. Anything in our dream that is associated with maggots we must pay close attention to this omen.

Fly dreams and the hidden meaning

Flies in our dreams represents the negative  things in our lives are unclean or needs to be removed ASAP. Think about it, if flies like to hand and feed off of dead bodies, dog waste, garbage; and all of sudden it is around you what does this tell you. The fly appears as a message for you to get rid or something toxic. But what exactly?

The context of the fly in your dream could point to something minuscule that is troubling you, or something more profound such as sickness or bad energy. For example, files that are known to attack the dreamer will have a different interpretation for the person who notices it come out of their skin or mouth.

Furthermore, your own personal view on flies will also alter the meaning — religious people might associate the fly with the evil demon called Beelzebub, whereas someone who might have been influenced by a horror movie depicting flies coming out of your mouth also changes the meaning. So what comes to your mind when you think of a fly?

Your dream will be designed in a way that will either let you know this is just a fear dream or something that contains a deeper meaning. The fly in your dream may in fact appear as a warning dream to pay attention to something negative that resides within the dreamer or a dark energy that surrounds them

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How did the fly appear in your dreams?

  • Did you notice the fly in your house?
  • You saw them coming out of your mouth or stuck in your hair
  • Flies chasing or attacking you in your dream
  • Dreaming of flies on your food
  • Dreaming of flies and maggots
  • Flies coming out of your skin

Are flies good or bad dream omens?

Not every single fly dream is a bad omen. The spiritual meaning of a fly connects the dreamer towards good flexibility, hinting at your ability to navigate throughout tough times. In essence flies symbolizes motivation & determination, its role being to push you forward until you achieve your goal.

Alternatively, files have been known in religious texts, folklore and literature as a negative symbol when they show up in abundance or in your dreams. They are known to go hand in hand with dark energy or spirits that still haven’t crossed over to the other side. This is why in dreams they never just show up buzzing around, instead they are often grotesque themes like coming out of your skin or seeing maggots.

But dreams love to use specific symbol to point to something in your life; the dreamer must metaphorically breakdown what exactly is a “fly”. Flies live for a very short time. They are easily killed. Consequently they are frequently used as a image of the transient and ephemeral nature of life.

Why is the fly in my house dream meaning?

To dream of a fly or flies in your house symbolizes negative thoughts or emotions that you need to let you. Houses in dreams are very symbolic because they are sort of like the dreamers mind or inner architecture; the fly is attracted to things that need to be either thrown out or put away. The dream of the fly in your house becomes a warning for you to clean up some aspect of your life that is either troubling you or something negative lingering around.

Meaning of flies on your food dream

Most dreamer don’t really grasp the spiritual meaning of food in our dreams; a powerful symbol that gives us energy and inner growth. Now when a fly is on your food in your dream it becomes a warning suggesting something negative is feeding off of your energy.

Soon the food will be left out if you are not able to figure out who or what the fly could represent in your dream. Rotting food are often symbols that you are not paying attention to something in your life. Decay or putrefaction in dreams symbolizes obstacles, things left behind or neglected. This was something that is supposed to give you the right nourishment to move forward in life, however this is not the case.

Flies and maggots dream meaning

To dream of maggots represent your negative emotions, feeing’s or situations that you have encountered, currently facing, or are about to go your way. Flies show up to tell you that this issue has been persisting and will only get worse if you don’t find the root of the problem. The location of your dream will help you find out where this could be arising from.

HELP… The flies are on me in my dream!

Whenever the dreamer is either being attacked or chased by flies it automatically tells you that you are not facing something. But what? Being chased in our dream by flies might suggest pestering thoughts, behaviors, urges, feelings that remain unconscious to you.

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To dream of flies coming out of your skin represents hidden negative feelings, behaviors, energy, repressed emotions that are in you. The fly has been under your skin for a long time and your dream is either letting you know it needs to come out – or – it has now emerged to the surface to come out. Is the fly stuck or are you pulling it out? How you react to the fly will tell you how easy this issue will come out for you.

If you are dreaming of a fly stuck in your hair it represents minor hinderances that is stopping your own inner growth and wisdom.

Biblical meaning of fly dreams

There are 5 verses of flies in the bible: Exodus 8:21-23 · Psalm 105:30-31 · Ecclesiastes 10:1 · Matthew 23:23-24 · Exodus 8:18. Flies in the bible are bad omens that are connected with evil or the prince of demons. But like the bible we shouldn’t read into it so much and break it down in a metaphor.

Flies show up in unclean places, suggesting the gifts God has given you, one or two are not fully utilized and are thus rotting away.

If you think about it when God blesses you with friendship, job, relationship or even good health and you are not appreciative, flies may appear to symbolize the underutilization and neglect of talent or gifting.

In Ecclesiastes 10:1, the Bible says, “As dead flies bring a stench to the perfumer’s oil, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.”  In our dream the  fly can represent foolishness can cause costly destruction. Alternatively, the fly could in fact be connect to gods wrath.

In Exodus 8:21 “If you do not let my people go, I will send swarms of flies on you and your officials, on your people and into your houses. The houses of the Egyptians will be full of flies; even the ground will be covered with them.”

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4 months ago

I had this dream where I was with my dad in a shed and this huge bee like 10 feet tall came out and was chasing us and we barely got inside before it attacked us