Dreaming Of Fish

Fish in dreams are usually positive omens that have been around for thousands of years in many different cultures.  When fish appear in our dreams they contain hidden messages relating to luck, abundance, joy, rebirth, higher self, unknown and creativity.

Connecting the dreamer to their emotions that might not be fully understood, the depths of our soul, deeper awareness of the unconsciousness or higher self. We must remember that fish are also cold-blooded, not driven by passion but survival, and often represent people.

Fishes are very common dream symbol, however depending the type of fish and how you interacted with it alters the meaning of your dream. How did the fish appear in your dreams?

Dreams About Fish

Fish Swimming Sea or Ocean

Noticing fish swimming in an ocean, sea or pond could be connected to the unconscious mind.  These are positive dream showing you abundance of something that is now conscious to you.  If you are swimming with the fish suggests you are in control with your emotions.

Catching Fish

Dreaming of catching fish might be a play on words that you may be fishing for something.  Depending the context of your dream and who is around you it can apply to thoughts, ideas, information and knowledge. If you caught any fish or had trouble would depend the outcome of searching.  If you noticed a hook it might be a play on words for catching something you want or you might be hooked on something.

Fish & Eggs

Seeing fish eggs in your dream are positive symbols that translates to either an abundance or plenty of something coming up.  This may be connected to the emotional unconscious part suggesting an emergence ready to hatch soon.

Cooking Eating Cleaning Fish

These dream imply personal nourishment that has finally been obtained.  Fish could be a symbol of the spiritually or emotional aspect of the dreamer that is now being used in their daily lives. If you are cleaning it suggest possible preparation for good things to come. Usually we tend to dream of eating fried fish in our dreams that might be related to our diet. These dreams might suggest you are taking in positive energy.

Dead Fish

If you noticed a fish that is dead suggests disappointments, failure and loss in your life.   Something was left neglected in your life that needed nourishing and attention.  Death and rebirth play a role so depending the context of the dream this might be a positive symbol.  In with the new and out with the old.

Fish Bowl

If you noticed goldfish swimming in a fish bowl suggest restrictions and confident.  If you feel that you are stuck either at work or relationship this dream might come as a metaphor.  Could this be connected to how you are socially?  Does it imply you feel lonely and need to explore the depths of your mind that was never explored before?

Fish Aquarium

The fishes and colors you see in the aquarium help puzzle the meaning of the dream.  If you where to see Nemo for example it might suggest you found something that you have been searching for.  To dream a small amount of fish inside the aquariums, suggests that your awareness of inability to pursue meaningful romantic interests.  If you noticed that the aquarium is empty in dreams reflect a lack of emotional involvement with your world. You are not aware nor do you care about how many issues are effecting you.  If it is dirty suggests a need to clean or change the negative thought patterns

Fish Out Of Water: In depth analysis:

These are very common dreams that might be a play on words relating to your shyness or social awkwardness. Its possible it is suggesting you need to get back on track.

Fish and Pregnancy

Often times woman who are pregnant usually in the first trimester dream of fish swimming. There might be a link between the baby and the fish swimming in your stomach.

Colorful Or Flying

These are very positive dreams that bring positive energy flowing your way. Colors in dreams are very significant, the more vibrant the better. Oddly enough many report fish flying in the air. These dreams hint at an unconscious and conscious connection; possibly the start. What was once hidden below is now visible.

Metaphoric Word Play

Dreams can appear one way but mean the other as the unconscious sends us puzzles for us to piece together.  Fish symbolism can alter the meaning based off your own experiences and the contexts of the dream.  The idioms below can help you better understand what your dream might be hinting.

  • A Cold Fish (personality)
  • Big Fish  (boss)
  • Fish Out of Water (alone/odd/different)
  • Make Fish of One and Fowl of the Other
  • Something is fishy (odd/up to something/warning)
  • Different Kettle of Fish (odd person)
  • All Is Fish That Comes To His Net (luck)
  • Better Fish To Fry (more opportunities)
  • Big Fish In A Small Pond (think your big but your not)
  • Cry Stinking Fish (UK)
  • Drink Like A Fish (alcoholic)

Types Of Fish Dreams

Goldfish – Suggest a need to open your horizons and come out of the confined space you live in.  You might need to travel and explore the deeper part of you.

Flying Fish – These dream are signs to pay attention to whats jumping out at you.  It appears in front of you for a reason to let you know its time to explore the depths below.

Whales – In depth analysis: These are the guides that bring you to the unconscious depths of your emotions. They are smart, social and navigate though senses connecting us to intuition or psychic.

Fish Eyes – Could this be directed how you feel inside?  Fish eyes expression doesn’t really change dead or alive.

Salmon – These are powerful dream message that you need to fight for the most valuable things in life. In other words, if you are you locked in one of the hardest struggles of your life and to keep struggling. Salmon swim up stream so it might suggest you might be going in the wrong direction.

Dolphins –  In depth analysis: They appear as a sign of resurrection, intelligence, intuition and protection. They are very playful and full of life, which reminds us to approach life with a sense of joy and humor.

Color Fish –  The color of the fish might be related to your chakras and energy field.  Depending the condition and brightness of the fish shows you a need to work on it or not

Eel – If the eel is an electric that could a warning of someone or you, has capabilities to shock on an emotional level.  It could also suggest a phallic symbol or possible energy moving up the spine (serpent).

Piranha – The sharp razor like teeth of the piranha can cut through metal.  When they show up in our dream we need to look at possible threats related to the emotional side of the dreamer.  It could suggest enemies that are around in an abundance ready to pounce the moment you set your feet in the water.

Seahorse –  The seahorse is known to bring luck of good fortune/charm to the dreamer. An attribute of the sea, the seahorse is considered to be a symbol of strength and power.

Coral Reef – The bright colors and uniqueness these dreams imply you came upon a rare find in your life.  Follow your path as you stumble upon new beginnings and life. However you need to cherish it as it is endangered.

Catfish – Catfish appears in dreams it is a sign and message that some good fortune will arrive soon.  It is also a reminder for the need to protect blessings or lifestyle.

Shrimp – These dreams might be a play on words for feeling of inferiority and defenseless against larger predators.

Biblical Meaning Of Fish

The fish became a symbol for Christianity around the 2nd Century of the post-apostolic church. It frequently is found carved on the walls of the catacombs beneath the ancient city of Rome.

The fish symbol is a Greek word seen in this form <>< “ichthys/ichthus” connecting i (Iesous—Jesus), ch (Christos—Christ), th (theou—of God), u (huios—son), s (soter—savior). Translating to Jesus Christ God’s Son is Savior. Due to the persecution of the Christian by the Romans this was a code word between one another. In the bible fish are used in many verses to signify a positive message for abundance and hard work.

  • Jonah 1:17
    And the LORD appointed a great fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was in the stomach of the fish three days and three nights.
  • Matthew 4:18
    Now as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen.
  • Ezekiel 47:9
    It will come about that every living creature which swarms in every place where the river goes, will live. And there will be very many fish, for these waters go there and the others become fresh; so everything will live where the river goes.
  • John 21:6 
    And He said to them, ‘Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.’ So they cast, and now they were not able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish.”

Ancient Egypt

Hatmehit in the ancient Egyptian religion was a fish-goddess in the area around the delta city.  In ancient Egyptian art Hatmehit was presented either as a fish, or a woman with a fish emblem or crown on her head. Hatmehit was know as the goddess that protects life and people.

Ancient Chinese and American Tribes

Traditionally the Chinese view the fish as good luck and fortune. In their writing the character for fish (yu 鱼) is pronounced the same as the Chinese character for surplus (yu 余), the fish symbol which means prosperity and luck.

The meaning of the Fish symbol was to signify water and the flow of life from the Earth. Many Native American Indians of the Plateau regions were dependent on their sustenance to provide for the community. Their religions have used the fish to symbolize life, spiritual change and healing.

Astrology Fish Symbol 

Fish are often associated with the astrological sign of Pisces. In the astrological symbol shows the two fishes caught by a string, usually by the mouth or the tails. The fish are sometimes shown swimming in opposite directions; this represents the duality within the Pisces nature. They are ruled by the planet Neptune.

According to the Babylonians they believed a fish moved a giant egg out of the river Euphrates, and after the egg emerged a mermaid the fertility goddess of the seas, Atargatis. The son of Atargatis was named Ichthys; a name later used by Christians to refer to Jesus Christ.

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3 months ago

I had a dream I accidentally swallowed a fish from a home aquarium while it was whole and still alive. It then stuck in my throat a bit and I kept gagging trying to get it out. I woke up before anything else happened. I do know in the dream I was near our home fish tank and it broke and the water and fish went everywhere.

3 months ago

I had a VERY vivid dream of a Snow Leopard eating a Flounder..

5 months ago

In my dream, I have a aquarium with fish that I forget to feed and care for. ☹️ When it is pointed out to me, the water is dirty, the level low and the water temperature is too hot. One small fish is still alive, trying to move the lid to get out while I add cooler water and fish food. Anything positive in that?

6 months ago

Hi i dream of loads big dead red fish in a village and one huge dead dark grey shark and someone owes me and he pay me back of notes but he gives me more and i was counting then there was a girl in the same toilet she was singing loud then we took the bus

Reply to  The Dreamer
6 months ago

Thank you so much for the message so nice from you… I always dream of weird things or things which is horror like most of the time i dream of dirty toilet and loads of poo everywhere and i cant walk properly. And i wanna share something with you in 2012 my aunty cut a big hair of mine while i was sleeping she is so bad and jealous i found it out morning but never told her anything do u have any ideas what she could have done with my hair.. – _- since i lost loads of hair… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
5 months ago

Hi thanks hope you alright am light brown indian girl but am not from india am from an island my dad is hindu and mum is catholic. If i got another dream can i ask for it again or may be we can’t ask so much questions – _-
Thanks waiting for the next reply ;]

Tara Hawkins
Tara Hawkins
6 months ago

I had a horrible dream of having multiple fish hooks embedded upon my body…on my back ,in my mouth. Couldn’t get them out. If I got one if them out another one got imbedded in it’s pace. They were top water lures,the kind with 3 treble hooks.

Gina Tozer
Gina Tozer
10 months ago

I dreamt I was visiting my best friend. She brought me to this spot where there was a crystal clear, spring fed stream full of beautiful white, smooth stones. In the stream, there were large white fish that, when sunlight hit their scales and bodies just right, looked like beautiful rainbows with rich colors of purple, green, pink and blue. I told her I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was and she was excited, telling me “this is why I wanted to bring you here! Aren’t they beautiful?!” I felt happy in the dream – overall it felt very positive.… Read more »

kimberly s schubert
kimberly s schubert
1 year ago

I dreamt of a huge black coy fish in a stream. It had a huge rock in his mouth and he looked right at me.

Reply to  The Dreamer
1 year ago

The rock could just be showing how strong you are after you are reborn… Strong in your emotions and physically. You connected in the dream when it looked at you, i’m sure you had to see your reflection in the water in the process. Keep swimming my friend!

2 years ago

I dreamt I had placed a black seal on a flat surface which was possibly a large rock next to the ocean; it must have been in a cove because the water was calm. It appeared to be nighttime because it was dark around me with the exception of some light which might have been from the moon. The seal was wet and shiny as if just pulled from the water, but it must have been dead because I lay it on the surface and began to cut slices, and then I began to eat from the slices I had… Read more »

Reply to  Nan
1 year ago

Death comes to everything. Even in darkness, you may find what you think is good for you. Even though it is shinny and available, it may just leave a bad taste in your mouth in this realm and the next. The moon will always protect you and give you light in a dark situation. You need to remove something from your life that brings a bad taste or a negative gut feeling . People continuously repeat cycles and habits even though it is not good for them. Learn your lesson and take the loss… That shiny (and maybe wet thang)… Read more »