Dreams about Fingernails

Dreaming of fingernails represent short term growth, wisdom, protection and stability in your life. How did your fingernails appear in your dream?

Fingernails in dreams has a strange tendency of appearing in the most unusual ways. I guess this is why anything attached to the human body that grows automatically becomes metaphor gold mine. Why?

Did you dream of your fingernails?

Your fingernails are not really your fingernails, but something quite complex that tells you something about yourself that you didn’t know. Now this can go either way in our dreams.

Depending on how the nails appear in your dream and what you think of your nails alters the meaning. For example, men generally don’t maintain their nails hence why they hardly dream about them. Women however often manicure their fingernails making the symbol alter towards there place in society.

Did you dream of your fingernails?

  • noticing them breaking or falling off
  • fingernails in your dream being ripped off
  • you are cleaning fingernails
  • appearing black
  • eating, cutting or broken fingernails
  • fingernails in your mouth dream

Spiritual meaning of fingernails

In order to understand the spiritual meaning of the nails you first must examine the reason why humans have nails in the first place.

One of the reasons you have fingernails is to keep viruses and bacteria from getting into your body. So if you didn’t have nails, you would get sick more often. Spiritually speaking fingernails are known as symbols that protect the person and guard off any negative energy that might cling to them.

If dirt or bacteria gets trapped underneath your nails it will cause an infection. So what negative elements you put your hand in will eventually infect your inner network.

Another important factor is due to the fact fingernails are attached to the human hand. Symbolically speaking hands in dreams are very powerful omens that often point to the dreamers expressions but also inner strength and power.

Did your fingernail either break, or fall off?

Fingernails that either break or fall off in your dream represents minor annoyances and inconveniences in your life. But this all depends if you are either a female or male.

You see women tend to put more attention onto their nails by going to get a manicure; a symbol that points towards ones inner beauty on the outside world. So any sort of breaking or falling off is often a negative symbol. But these dreams are not such a bad omen because nails do grow back at a fast rate. Your nails grow about 3 – 4 millimeters per month.

Fingernails being ripped off in your dream?

Depending who is ripping your fingernails alters the meaning of your dream. Dreams of your fingernails being ripped represents a quick stop to your progress in life. If you are ripping your fingernails it tells you about your own decision to cut something short. What could this be exactly?

Cutting your fingernails in your dream can be seen as a symbol of metaphorically removing some aspect of yourself or to start over.

Cleaning fingernails in dreams

Whenever you are cleaning your fingernails in your dream symbolizes a positive omen of cleaning negative aspects of your past. This is something that may have been visible to others before but remained unconscious to you.

Fingernails are a black color?

Black is a very powerful color in our dreams, so much so that it contains both negative (human shadow), internal injury; and the positive elements (yin energy). Black fingernails in your dream can only be interpreted from good or bad based off of your reaction to them.

Like the Yin energy or  night, it becomes the opposite of light, opens us to what we can’t see or deal with in the dark – in what is ‘in the dark’, unconscious – within or around us.

Black may also appear as the human shadow or the evil that is inherit in us – in other words the unaccepted side of yourself, the parts of your nature you don’t want others to see, and you don’t want to admit even to yourself. So if you do not like what you see in your dream than your black fingernails is the negative side to your expressions, thoughts, behaviors that can be seen by others. It also may indicate depression, what is negative within you or from an outside influence.

Fingernails in your mouth dreams

To dream of fingernails in your mouth is usually a vividly disturbing theme that makes the dreamer jump out of bed. To dream of fingernails in your mouth represents your nervous disposition, anxious feelings or feeling down. It’s a way to cope with these feelings, and your dream is letting you know this.

These dreams also emerge when you find yourself doing it when you’re bored, hungry or feeling insecure. Because of its close association with the mouth you might want to reflect on your negative speech patterns.

Biblical meaning of fingernails in a dream

If as the Bible says “Psalm 19:1 – NIV: The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” then fingernails must be a representation of your handy work.

  • protection
  • sensitivity
  • growth
  • inner beauty
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4 months ago

I had a dream that I shut my cats paw in the door, and her finger nail came off and bled, and in the same night I had another dream that I couldn’t find toenail clippers, and ripped a babies toenail off and made them bleed. All in the same night. Any ideas on this?

5 months ago

Any input on what it might mean if you have a dream about the skin growing over your fingernails and having the urge to rip the skin off?

7 months ago

I had a dream of eating food and finding finger and toe nails in my mouth and food. It was a scary and weird feeling

Last edited 7 months ago by Pooh
8 months ago

I had dream worms were coming out from under my left pointer finger. Any input?

Last edited 8 months ago by Shonda
9 months ago

I had a dream that I had two fingernails on my pinky right hand growing and I didn’t know what to do with it.

11 months ago

I had a dream where I was filling my nails and they were so brittle, they kept falling off into pieces.

1 year ago

Dreamt my fingernails were well manicured. And I was applying nailpolish. ( peach colored)

2 years ago

Great article about dreaming of fingernails. I had this dream when I was young that my fingernail broke and the next day i lost it why i slammed the car door on my fingers.