The Significance Of Holding A Baby In Dreams

That special moment when a child is placed in the arms can be a blissful experience. New born babies not only put a smile on our face but they trigger something deep within us that triggers excess dopamine release in our brain.

Researches say this overwhelming sense of joy when holding a baby is equivalent to the dopamine released when taking drugs like cocaine.

New born babies give us a euphoric high of pure magic, sparkling hope and new beginnings in our lives… That’s great but what does that have to with holding a baby in my dreams?

Well dreams like to use certain symbols to relay messages to you, and in your case holding a baby is a positive symbol suggesting happiness from something new in your life. Though this is a symbol that can interpreted in many different ways.

Babies emerge in the dreams of women of all ages, even those well beyond child-bearing age. This can apply to men as well. The baby is not just an image of a wishful fulfillment or desire, but symbolizing something much deeper.

Dream: Holding A Baby Analysis

Before we jump the gun and say babies simply imply “something new on the horizon”, first we must explore the context of your dream first. Alternatively holding a baby boy can be interpreted differently than holding a baby girl; or even carrying the baby on your back.

Dreams often speak to us in a metaphoric language that uses symbols and images to display its true meaning. Babies often appear in our dreams reflecting a major change occurring in your life, but where exactly?

Your dream will offer you clues such as the gender of the baby, how you are carrying them, or if the baby belongs to somebody else. Reflecting on your emotions will  mirror how you will embrace this new birth. The specific details in your dream such as locations, people and feelings will determine if this is an internal or external gift.

Holding A Baby Dream Symbolism:

  • Internal rebirth
  • Development, protection and growth
  • Healing your inner child
  • Unconditional love, benefits and rewards

Fun Facts:

Newborns have natural aquatic instincts when in water and not born with kneecaps.

Dreams: Holding A Baby Girl Meaning

Women who dream of holding a baby girl often it points to their own inner growth, rebirth or inner child. Men who dream of holding a baby girl relates to the development of their feminine nature that is often unconscious (see below).

When a baby girl emerges for a women they are usually holding the baby in their arms. This is a symbol that mirrors the nurturing and preserving of your self love, protection, vulnerable, needy and soft nature. In essence you have reconnected with something that needs your love and protection.

Alternatively the baby girl might be a manifestation of your own personal rebirth taking place in your life. The new you will be cared for and loved differently then the past. Changes in your relationships, ideas or your general disposition might be reflected though the baby girl.

Fun Facts:

Babies will sleep, on average, 5400 hours in the first year. Their taste buds only recognize sweet and sour.

Dreams: Carrying A Baby Boy

Dreams of holding or carrying a baby boy will differ from men to women. Men might view the baby boy as a representation of their own inner child, rebirth or inner development. A women can view the baby boy as nurturing her unconscious masculine traits.

  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Independence
  • Assertiveness

The baby boy becomes the image of inner growth that flowers the beginnings stages of her independent nature. This would be sort of like the balance or yin and yang energies that resides in you.

According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung the boy could be the ‘animus’ unconscious masculine side of a woman. The ‘anima’ for men, once fully integrated the psyche becomes whole.

Caring For Your Inner Child

“In every adult there lurks a child— an eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed, and calls for unceasing care, attention, and education. That is the part of the personality which wants to develop and become whole”. –Carl Jung

Alternatively the baby could be connected to your inner child, this is the hurt or damaged child you that needs your love and attention. Your past may have damaged this child from becoming a fully integrated adult.

This can be anything from your parents separating, enduring physical or mental abuse, financial stress; or emotional neglect. It can be even as simple as your sibling receiving more attention.

In essence your dream might be connecting your with your inner child, or wanting you to communicate with him or her.

Carrying A Baby On My Back

The fact that you are “holding” or “carrying” a new born baby boy/girl on your back could be a metaphoric translation. If something is behind you it is felt and not seen.

Holding Somebody’s Baby

This is a very common dream but the context can change depending the baby you are holding. Who does it belong too? What do they mean to you?

Biblical Meaning Of Carrying A Baby

In the bible it say’s “Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from Him.” Psalms 127:3. The relationship that Mary had with baby Jesus

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1 year ago

I had a dream that I was holding a newborn baby, I believe it was a boy and when I took him home I didn’t have a crib so I laid him on the bed and went downstairs then I came back up to check on him and he was literally hanging off the bed falling off and he ended up slightly hitting his head but I basically caught him and I was so traumatized lol. ps i don’t have any kids

Misty Gerlach
Misty Gerlach
2 years ago

I’ve had a few dreams where me and my fiancé were holding nor playing with a baby boy we have been trying for a few months now. But I’m on my period right now and these dreams started just a few nights ago

Reply to  The Dreamer
1 year ago

I had a dream of a baby crying so hard and screaming out the words mama yet the baby was too small to even speak… and it looked like it was being pulled into the darkness by some evil spirit n it was also hard for me to move not even a single muscle but eventually I gathered my strength n grabbed the baby n put it in my arms that’s when I felt relieved before I was scared to lose the baby