Dreams about Hurting Others

You might be shocked to find out that hurting our loved ones in our dreams is a fairly common theme.

Even thoughts these appalling actions that wouldn’t remotely cross your mind in our waking life, it doesn’t really make sense why we would hurt people or things we love in our dreams.

Well it turns out that whenever we repressed or deny our emotions they tend to rare its ugly head in our dreams in some of the most bizarre ways. Our own inability to expresses how we feel ends up turning the tables on us and delivers us a vivid nightmare.

What do we tend to hurt in our dreams?

  • our own children
  • a baby
  • cat or dogs
  • someone you love
  • hurting your husband
  • random someone

Reasons why hurting dreams occur

Emotions are part of who we are; however, many of us have a difficult relationship with negative emotions. These feelings often get repressed; the tendency to avoid uncomfortable feelings such as fear, guilt, pain and shame. Repressed emotions is our brain’s way of protecting our minds from painful situations.

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This built in defence mechanism still collects these unwanted negative thoughts, behaviours, feelings and emotions; but unfortunately the unconscious mind never forgets and displays these images in our dreams.

Signs You’re Repressing Emotions

  • you believe negative emotions should not be expressed.
  • your inability to express painful feelings
  • avoiding negative thoughts by distraction, and using substances, binge eating, watching tv, playing computer games, or overworking
  • unable to understand what triggers your emotions
  • trouble expressing your own angers and frustrations

Dreaming of hurting our own children

Trust me you are not alone if you dream about hurting the ones closest to us. The children we love and cherish. So why does this happen? Since two people do not share the same life experiences these dreams could unfold for many different reasons.

For example, if you were to watch the news or hear about a story of abuse than it is quite possible these rejected feelings appear in our dreams mirroring what you absorbed. It is hard for normal people to comprehend the lowest form of human behavior, but we are also human beings that are capable of such actions.

Sometimes our own frustrations and demands in our lives tends to turn the tables on the ones we love. Hurting Our Kids in our dreams mirrors our own inability to express our emotions or handle the daily stresses.

Alternatively, hurting our kids could be correlated with spanking your child and feeling guilty, or perhaps relates to trauma from your childhood.

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Dreaming of hurting animals meaning

Dreams about hurting animals might occur for several different reasons. One reason might be related to cognitive dissonance –  mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. For example if you love your animals, but eat burgers that are made from a cow it might express these conflicting beliefs.

Alternatively, hurting dogs or cats in your dream could be related to your own unconscious emotions, traits, behaviours that can emerge as both masculine and feminine.

Dreams of hurting someone you love?

Women who dream of hurting their husband could be related to your agreeable personality. Agreeableness is a personality trait that can be described as cooperative, polite, kind, and friendly. But this does not mean you feel anger and aggression as well. It could be possible that your inability to express how you feel or be more assertive in your relationship will unfold by Hurting Your Husband In Your Dream.