Dreams about Hills

Hill that appear in our dreams represent minor obstacles or challenges that we are currently facing in our lives. Whether you are climbing up, rolling down, or perhaps struggling at the bottom are symbolic clues informing you of your progress with difficulty.

What do hills mean in dreams?

Unlike mountains, hills are smaller hurdles that we must overcome along our life journey. These minor stumbling blocks can can range anywhere from our unconscious emotional states, relationships, spiritual, life problems or workplace deadlines.

Hills are symbolic in the sense they want help you identify with this particular challenge but help you get over it. They tend to appear in our lives during growth phases and also to reflect your state of mind; climbing to obtain higher attainment or a wider field of awareness.

Article: The Significance Of Climbing In Dreams 

What does a dream about struggling to walk up a hill mean?

To dream about struggling to walk up a hill reflects your difficulty level as you proceed going forward with this challenge in your life. Essentially, by going up the hill in your dream is letting you know that this will require more energy and motivation in order to achieve your end goal.

Did you dream of coming down from a hill?

To dream of coming down a hill suggests that you have completed your mission that was once blocking you in your life.

If you are moving downhill from the mountain represents ease as you are now descending like a plane to a more even playing field. If you are noticing that the hill is very steep it becomes a warning to take your time in life by remaining focused so you don’t lose your balance. By going down the hill your dream is sending you a message that this will become easier as opposed to what you were facing in the past.

I was rolling down a hill in my dream!

If you are rolling down a hill in your dream it is a negative omen suggesting somewhere while dealing with this obstacle you have lost your balance. By slipping suggests you are not grounded, but by rolling you are out of control and need to slow down.

Standing on top of a hill in my dream

Standing on top of a Hill In Your Dream is a positive omen representing standing above the rest, beyond fears and learning from overcoming your difficulties. In dreams on top of the hill can be connected to your Crown Chakra –  location at the crown of the head, it acts as the individual’s center of spirit, enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousness, and connection to higher guidance.

Dreaming of hills and mountains

To dream of both hills and mountains can be seen as a positive symbol of your spiritual journey in life. High expectations in ones life and also the lows; reaching a wider awareness of our life or situation and the ability to see far beyond your fears. Depending on your location helps determine your current progress along your path.

Common Hill Dreams

The larger the hill the bigger the challenge you are facing in your life. These dreams are often depicted as giant hills as they are usually at the bottom. To dream of a sand hill represents that you are applying a lot of effort in something that might be wasting your time or lacks growth. Because nothing habitable grows on sand and is very hard to for stability it becomes a negative omen.

To drive a hill is a positive omen that suggests you are able to handle this task with ease and minimal effort. Icy or snowy hills in our dreams directs us towards frozen or stuck emotions, inability to control movements and slowdowns.

Dream idioms for clues

  • being over the hill
  • head for the hills
  • run for the hills
  • make a mountain over a molehill
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Nikki Rose
Nikki Rose
4 months ago

I dream that my partner left me in the car and the car went backwards down the hill and as it is about to crash on someone front door I managed to stop it and a lady came out and told me something i don’t remember clearly but i told her I will manage to drive back up to the hill. I’m not yet a driver in real but I have experience so in that dream I started the car and drive up and had troubles changing the gear and sometimes stop but I remember that I managed to get… Read more »

8 months ago

I had a dream that my boyfriend and I were riding a motorbike and there are two roads, we took the road that is heading uphill. In the dream the road is sloppy yet smooth for a ride. We reached the top where we can see the entire view. And the place or location, I also had a dream about it in the past. So I can recall that it ain’t the first time I went to the place. But this dream right now I am with my boyfriend and we took the sloppy road, narrow road yet smooth for… Read more »

10 months ago

I dreamt about purposefully diving down a dirt hill head first with my eyes closed, i felt free and happy doing so

11 months ago

I have had two dreams recently that involved driving up a snowy or icy hill. The first one was at night, and very snowy. I was driving up the hill and as I came to the top I noticed all these spun out cars in the ditches, my car started to slip and I started to lose control of the car. I felt my body tense up and I knew this was not going to be a good situation but I had to ride it out. I told myself to take a deep breath and try to relax, I gripped… Read more »

Reply to  Laura
5 months ago

You’re in control of your life. And you’re handling stress very well. You also have a good friend whom you confide in and from whom you take advice from. Although you might have problems, there are others whose problems are worse off than yours. And your partner is reliable. He always comes through for you even when you least expect. And sometimes you don’t have to ask. He just does what you need him to do.

1 year ago

I dreamt being on a hill and saw a hindu temple. There’re some devotees lighting up candles and walking around. I wanted to enter but at same time there are other places of interest. I saw a road leading to another hill. I also saw a road going up further up the hill. And another road leading to some sort of palace. Somehow I think I went to the palace area and was on some sort of parking area with a malay women in charge. Out of sudden, I was riding a motorcycle as a pillion grabbing the metallic part… Read more »

1 year ago

I had a very vivid dream last night. It started out with me wandering in some sort of factory at the foot of a large hill. I saw workers walking about doing repairs. I keep walking until I’m outside where I see stone ruins of what looked like foundations of a town built along a gravel road winding around and up the hill. I notice a rifle laying along a wall and take it. The area seems to be in a rather large open field with a tree line far in the distance and the hill at the center. I… Read more »