Dream of Horses

When horses emerge in your dream they represent the dreamer stamina, vitality, mobility, power and prestige. These magnificent animals symbolically can be traced as far back to 1700 BC, a powerful dream symbol that tells you something powerful resides within.

Horses have been depicted in myths, legends, and popular culture for their sheer beauty and bond with humans. Dreaming of horse is also connected with travel, movement, and desire in your life.

Horse Dream Meaning

The horse similar to dogs are both are synonymous with our unconscious instinctual drives and urges. Something that was once wild is now domesticated, a representation of your own inner power that has the potential to become very powerful. Negative associations with the horse encourages the dreamer to investigate some of these repressed or uncontrolled desires. Your interaction with the horse determines if these urges are personally tamed or wild.

Horses in dreams according to Carl Jung becomes symbolic to females as it connects with their ANIMUS – the inner raw masculine unconscious energy has been integrated.

To properly decode the meaning of the horse you will have to reflect on past experiences in your life. The dreamer who frequently rode a horse as a child, wanted a pony, or influenced by novels or bedtime stories; will influence the dream.

Horse Symbolism In Dreams

  • power & speed
  • stability
  • vision
  • personal freedom
  • prestige 
  • royalty
  • passion
  • sexual drive

Horse Dreams & Sexual Drive

Studies have found that women tend to dream of horses more then men. According to the father of analytical psychology and dream expert Sigmund Freud, he associated horses with young girls desires wishing they where men. The horse would be metaphoric to the raw masculine force and empowering extension of themselves.

We straddle ourselves on a horse implies or indicates our pleasurable and passionate energy; it carries us around with control and speed. Being on top has its risks and adventures. This can also apply to men and their sexual drive that can peak during certain times in ones life.

 Horse Dream: Spiritual Meaning

The horses raw power and ability to carry gives you a glimpse at what enjoyment might be predicted in the future. A new journey is on the horizon, they embrace freedom and excitement; free to go as they please.

Horses are very social animals that need to be around other horses. They connect you to your mammal brain, or primitive side – under threat they freeze in preparation to take off.  They react instinctively to fight or flight; your dream determines if its under threat. Could it suggest you might be fleeing from any sort of danger in your life?

Having massive eyes of any mammal with located on the side of their head brings your attention to your perception. Their extraordinary vision capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.

The gallop averages 40 to 48 kilometers per hour, roughly (25 to 30 mph). Its speed lets you know something is moving fast; its control or lack their of will be determined in your dream.

If horses live in a stable could the be a metaphor for something ‘stable’ in your life? This suggests something that is domesticated kept within its boundaries. Here are a list of idioms that might help you connect parts of your dream together. They image tends to appear during certain times in ones life, could it suggest what might be considered play on words?

  • hold your horses
  • don’t put the horse before the cart
  • you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink
  • horseplay
  • beat a dead horse
  • get off your high horse

Common Horse Dreams

White Horse With Wings Dream: These dreams are often associated in folklore with the sun chariot with warrior-heroes. These are very powerful dreams that signify transcendence and triumph over negative forces. The color is pure and innocent connecting your to The Great Mother or fertility. The winged white horse has is a positive symbol of protection and transcendence in Buddhism, Greek, Celtic, Hindu and Iranian mythology.

Black Horse Dream Meaning: A black stallion brings your attention to strength, honor, power and shadow side of the dreamer. Usually connected to the masculine sexual energy, strong emotions, passionate desires. If the horse is out of control suggest to investigate your hidden impulses and urges that are not confined. It becomes wild and needs to be tamed.

White Horse Dream: In dreams white is often  associated with light, innocence, wisdom, purity, and cleanliness. Something pure has emerged in your life. The location and who is around you give you clues where to look.

Running Horses: If a horse is running towards you signifies a message might be heading your way. If you notice a bunch of wild horses it might be a representation of a yearning to be free.

Horse Shoe: These dreams often signify good luck will be heading your way. You will be set on a new path or stage in life.

Mini Horse: These dreams bring your attention to something that hasn’t been developed yet. An underdeveloped masculine power or stamina that needs to be matured. A need for excitement, or possibly connecting you to your childhood.

Riding A Horse: These dreams can be associated with sexual drives; or reflecting your power, speed, energy and drive in life. Was the ride smooth or exciting? Fast or slow?

Negative Horse Dream Meaning

Injured Horse Dream Meaning: These are negative type dreams that encourage you to look at your energy that has been depleted. A possible event or emotional set back from you getting ahead in your life. It might also be connected to a lack of a sexual drive or masculine energy.

Horse Attack: Being attacked by a horse in your dream provides you with your lack of insight to your own impulses. The horse is a representation of something big and powerful that is not under your control. In essence the horse are your wild instincts that need taming.

Dream Of Horse Chasing You: Being chased in a dream is one of the most common dreams we can experience. However what is chasing you alters the meaning. If you are running away from something; alternatively you ignoring or not facing something in your life. A horse can bring your attention to uncontrolled or untamed urges or instincts that is being repressed.