Why Keys Are Symbolic In Dreams

What is the spiritual significant of keys in your dream?

Over the years of analyzing my dreams and others I noticed “keys” appearing during specific times in peoples lives. This powerful symbol not only reflects a major changes that is undergoing in ones life, but insight to your future.

Throughout history keys are often depicted as a symbol representing knowledge, mystery, advancement and powers – a symbol that is closely tied with dreaming.

Due to the complex nature keys are often disguised as a new door that is opened in ones life, however this is usually unconscious to the dreamer. Think of our advancement with cars, house keys, digital locks and online passwords. Keys have become far more significant than we would have thought.

If the key is known to open a ‘metaphoric’ door in you life, what doors could your dream be suggesting? The location and objects in your dream become clues to help piece the puzzle together.

Alternatively, if you lost your keys it will alter looking outward to inward. If the key has been broken it wants you to explore what’s hindering you from your progress.

Keys Interpretation In Dreams:

  • Personal advancement (career or job)
  • Unconscious communication
  • Unlocking the past
  • Gaining access (gateway, portals, mysteries)
  • New opportunities
  • Freedom

Key Dreams: Importance Of Car Keys

Cars are one of the most common dream that represent our drive and path in life. In essence the car is a manifestation of ourselves along this journey called life.  However car keys can have a duel meaning, either representing something new going forward, or a failure to do so.

Losing or Lost Keys In Dream: Dreaming of lost or losing keys are common dream symbols that focus on unpreparedness, procrastination; or a needing to find something within in order move forward. A hint that you are unable to start your drive as you cannot find something? Only you will have the answer.

Stolen Keys Dream: The theme of this dream focuses on things that have been ‘taken’ or ‘robbed’ against your will. Someone or something in your past has managed to stop your progress from moving ahead.

Broken Keys Dream: If you noticed your car keys are broken suggest setbacks and delays from moving forward. You can reflect on areas in your life that have been broken and need to be fixed in order to progress.

Finding Keys Dream: Finding keys in your dream is a very positive omen that implies you will cash in your luck pretty soon. You found something that can take you to the next stage, a new path sort of speak.

Holding Keys Dream: If you notice yourself holding on to car keys it suggests your patience before moving forward. It could also imply you are holding on to something that holds the key to move forward.

Given Keys: If you are given keys its a very positive omen that implies that your new path will be provided for you. You will get help turning on or starting something new.

Key Dreams: A Bunch Of Keys

Your luck has increased tenfold when you notice a bunch of keys in your dream. One key may only open one door, though multiple keys in your dream is a sign of luck and opportunity.

A powerful symbol that allows you to open things in your life that have been locked for a long time. Similar to a skeleton key you are allowed or given the change to expand your knowledge.

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Freedom

Fun Fact:

Did you Know that clay tablets from the ancient Babylonian Empire, almost 4,000 years ago, depict keys.

Gold & Silver Keys

The two most common colors that appear in our dreams are gold and silver. These are not just any random colors, they have been specifically chosen and symbolic to the dreamer.

In the Bible gold and silver suggest the power of loosing and binding. The gold key implies to the power in the kingdom of heaven, and the silver key represents the spiritual authority of the papacy on earth.

Gold Keys: Gold is a color that is a rare and valuable commodity in the world. Because this has been around for a long time these dreams might be hinting at your inner wealth that needs to be unlocked by you. Once you open this unconscious door it will lead you to success, achievements and triumph. Gold is connected to the sun – the masculine energy within.

Silver Keys: The color silver is opposite to gold that connects you to your feminine energy and the moon. Silver is a precious metal and, like gold, often symbolizes inner richness, vision and wealth.

Fun Fact:

The first key was invented nearly 6000 years ago in modern day Syria and Iraq. This lock was a wooden pin lock that was found in Nineveh. 

Unlocking The Spiritual Door

Keys also hold reverence to spirituality allowing you to access unknown or hidden secrets that are not known to the five senses. If you are following on a spiritual path keys might be a representation of open up the doors to higher consciousness.

People who practice yoga, mediation or Qi Gong might dream of a key that opens the doors to the energy within. You have achieved opening up your energy field, you have accesses to things that cannot be seen with the normal eye.

The key which is similar to the Ankh hinting at internal life. This is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that was most commonly used in writing to signify  “life” and, by extension, as a sign of life itself. The Ankh is often portrayed carrying it by its loop, using one hand, arms crossed over their chest by the Pharaohs.

In Christian text you will notice that keys played a role with Saint Peter holding the keys to the gates of heaven.

Isaiah 22:22

“Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder,
When he opens no one will shut,
When he shuts no one will open.

Dreaming Of Keys Jingling

An unusual but significant dream that wants you to pay attention to something. The noise suggests you are close to something but haven’t found it yet. You might be close to many doors being opened in your life. If you hear this sound right before you wake up it might be associated with sleep paralysis.

Keys Doors & Locks

Noticing keys, locks and doors are positive symbols as long as they are not closed. These dreams often bridge the dreamer to new opportunities, as one door closes another one opens up. Doors in dreams are considered very powerful dream symbols that inform you if you are going to advance or will be setback in life.

If it is locked it suggest that a problem is stopping you from moving forward. If this was in a house it commonly is associated with your mind/psyche and higher consciousness.