Dreaming of My Heart

The heart is responsible to pump blood received from veins into arteries throughout the body, or the center of human emotion. Dreaming of a heart is a rare image to encounter though anything revolving around can be considered very symbolic.

Dreaming about your heart represents their inner feelings, emotions, difficulty, love, affection, and desires that might not be understood. This is also the place where emotional suffering and upheaval reside.

The heart is not just a new age term we use to signify heartache but this ancient symbol that represents a place where your emotions reside – unconscious  feelings that not recognized within. Unfortunately when we dream of the heart it is never really in a healthy positive way but in a negative context.

How Hearts Appear In Our Dreams?

  • Heart shape images or objects,
  • Heart attack or exploding,
  • Surgery or heart transplant,
  • Being shot in the heart.

Heart Attack Dream

Fact or reality? About 647,000 Americans die from heart disease each year—that’s approximately one in every four deaths. Heart disease costs the United States about $219 billion each year. Does this mean you will experience a heart attack?

Dreams are often presented to the dreamer metaphorically and relates to their emotions, however if you are someone who is at risk of a heart attack then we would advice to seek a medical health professional.

Heart attacks are the most common dream symbols related to the heart the brings attention to emotional pain and suffering. A heart attack is something that comes suddenly, effects your whole central nervous system, and makes it stop working. Can you reflect on what may have caused this? A bad break up? Lacking love from a partner? Romantic love? Or just friends or family that hurt us emotionally?

The location and people around you when you are experiencing the heart attack are clues provided to help you piece the puzzle together. Alternatively a heart exploding is a symbol that wants you to fix these internal feelings that is causing you heart ache in your life. Negative thoughts and behaviors that arise just thinking about the past is hindering your progress from moving forward.

Shot In Heart Dream

Being shot in your dreams is quite vivid and yet common to bring your attention to a direct attack from someone you may know. However in your dream this person who shot you might be unidentifiable.

Recalling when I had a dream of being shot in the heart I was able to identify who the shooter was, this was a person who was extremely malicious who had intentions to harm me. Like most people who experience getting shot in the dream we are frantic looking to get help or to find a hospital.

These dream are often indicators of the people who have psychologically impacted you in a emotionally manner is not settled yet. Once these feelings are not understood they become unconscious to you and eventually end up in your dream unless you are willing to accept what had happened.

Most Common Heart Dreams

Dreaming of a A purple heart represents surviving your emotional past and have come out a stronger person. A heart beating fast can represent new love or unconscious fears relating to anxiety. Usually these dreams are negative when you notice the heart beating out of your chest.

Did You Know:

The ancient Egyptians understood the physical organ(heart), which they called haty, was different to the metaphysical heart or ib. The ib was the eternal source of wisdom, memories, knowledge and thought, not the brain.

Heart Surgery Dream Meaning

Dreaming of doctors preforming heart surgery is not necessarily such a bad symbol as it implies inner healing from a traumatic past. This would be the step after having a heart attack, you will head over to the hospital to get the right treatment.  A dream that signifies healing perhaps on an unconscious level that you have accepted and now its time to heal and move on.

If you dream of your heart being removed it represents change and renewal. Past pain will now be replaced by something new.

How Daily Idioms Mirror Dreams:

  1. Cross one’s Heart and hope to die.
  2. From the bottom of One’s Heart.
  3. Tug at someone’s heartstrings.
  4. Have a soft spot in one’s Heart for Someone. .
  5. Pour one’s Heart out to someone.
  6. Heartbeat away from something.
  7. Wear someone’s Heart on one’s Sleeve.
  8. Young at heart.
  9. She broke my heart.
  10. A big heart: said of someone kind and loving.