Dreams of Hiding

Dreams of hiding are quite common and very beneficial once the meaning is decoded. The dreams purpose is to reveal something to you that you are unaware of – it remains unconscious.

Before we hid we are often seen running away from a masked man or some type of creature out to harm us. These types of dreams are vivid for a specific reason, something you have been ignoring too long in  your life.

“No matter where you go, there you are.” ~ Confucius

Hiding Dream Meaning

These are areas in your life that that you don’t express, don’t talk, or don’t expose to others. The settings and location of your dream will give you clue to what your unconscious is trying to unfold for you.

By analyzing your hiding dream you will become a detective paying ‘hide and seek’ with yourself. Your main objective is to figure out what in your life is causing you to run away from, and what is making you hide.

Once you have established the motive, you have to knock on doors, and gain access to the parts of your mind that are closed off. This will require a degree of introspection.

Why You Might Be Hiding

  • Shame
  • Hiding in your head or hiding from yourself
  • Emotions like depression & anxiety
  • Sadness, anger and loneliness
  • Past experiences
  • Facing reality
  • The inevitable truth
  • Sexuality or image
  • Future responsibilities
  • Mental health
  • Spiritually

Hiding Dreams: Take Off Your Mask

As a detective your next step would be to sit quietly, mediate or reflect in the areas that you might be hiding from. This step is might not be that easy as it is unknown to you. Your dream will give you hints on what you might be running from, whether if it’s a masked man, gunman, or a monster.

These dream characters are essentially the repressed fears or feelings that have been created by you. They manifest in the form of something scary to get your attention.

We wear a mask for many reasons to cover up feelings instability, insecurity, fears, and rejection. When we conform to social pressures and not recognize our true feelings, we tend to hide in our dreams. We where never born with mask, we tend to put them on and take them off when its convenient.

The masked man or killer is disguised by all the repressed or rejected feelings below your own mask. As a detective your main objective is to uncover your own mask so you can live in harmony with yourself.


If you keep running away you will never face your problems. The location of your dream might give you a clue where the problem might stem from. Houses connected the dreamer to the mind, buildings are metaphoric structures that have been built by you. Its possible that the problem is right in front of your eyes, take for example work locations or hospitals.


Often times when you are hiding you will notice certain objects that can be translated metaphorically. You might be hiding objects, or noticing objects around you that will magically appear in your dreams as a clue. Take for example, what emerges when you are trying to hide; clothing, tools, cars, desk, bed? The weapons either gun or knife or who is chasing you are other clues provide unconsciously.


The person or thing chasing you are aspects of your shadow – the unknown or repressed feelings. Sometimes it can be animals or police you are hiding from. These minor details can switch the meaning of your dream from issues with  an authority figure, or instinctual urges.

Common Hiding Dreams

Hiding From Killer: These dreams are quite common that bring your attention to ignored aspects in your life that you are unaware of. The dream might become more vivid and recurring if you are unable to tackle this problem.

Hiding And Chased: You are running or avoiding something; unable to face. These dream relate to fears that you are trying to cover up. By hiding you want to be found by you.

Hiding Dead Bodies: Often times you will be hiding objects or dead bodies. You are trying to cover up something, or not trying to be found out. A dead body is something metaphoric – wanting to bury something, guilty emotions, hiding from others.

Hiding From Zombies: Zombies might be metaphoric for society and people in your life. Remember they don’t have a soul and go by in life just wanting one thing. Could this be running from the materialistic world?

Monsters/Killer/Gunman: These dreams are all aspects of your ignored or repressed feelings – see shadow.