Hospital Dream Meaning

A hospital is defined as a health care institution that provides patient treatment, including specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment.

Hospitals in dreams offer treatment from your past or present emotional trauma. Just as you would treat physical pain or a sudden illness by heading to your major health care facility, in dreams hospitals provide the same care. Hospitals in dreams are positive dream symbols that encourage the dreamer to identify and heal the old or past you.

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Hospital Symbolism In Dreams

  • attended to unconscious emotional needs
  • fixing past issues in order to heal
  • rest and recovery
  • healing (getting over)
  • no longer resisting a need for help
  • repressed memories

Hospitals Dreams: Inner Healing

Hospitals are positive dream symbols that guide you to self recovery. However, hospitals may appear in a negative context when there is resistance to change old habits.

The location and events leading up to the hospital will be all coded metaphorically, these are hints were the problem is steaming from. According to Carl Jung he connected the hospital to the mother – the place that will heal and take care of your needs.

How To Interpret Your Hospital Dream?

  1. In What areas in your life that need healing?
  2. What events in your dream that lead you to the hospital?
  3. The condition of the hospital, comfort level, resistance or acceptance?
  4. What area on your body that needs assistance?

Hospital Dreams: Past Emotional Suffering

Hospitals in dreams help heal the mind, body and soul by attacking the problem head on. People who have suffered from a past emotional trauma tend to have recurring vivid dreams or nightmares relating to this problem. These issues usually stem from past events or relationships relating to shame, guilt and self blame that becomes a record on repeat.

As time goes on we tend to sort the damaged parts, memories and uncertainty that has plagued our minds for so long. The hospital in your dream is the place where the unconscious repressed feelings are now being healed. Doctors and nurses are considered your helpers, healers and guides that alternatively reside in yourself. They are there to assist you in your personal healing process.

The Healing Process

After the hospital is where the transformation begins, though this takes time as everybody heals differently. You checked yourself in for a specific problem that has alter your behaviors for quite some time. The healing depends on the dreamer and the impact of the event.

Hospitals bring our attention to accepting the situation for what it is. You might have lived in denial (illness) for too long and now checking yourself in. This is the biggest barrier we need to overcome before we start the healing process.

The hospital in your dream provides you with insight you have never seen before, knowledge and the ability to heal the past. It would be equivalent to an unconscious metaphoric epiphany that hits you in the dream. You may not be aware when  you wake up, but this process might take time before it clicks with you.

Hospital Dreams Symbolism

Ambulance Dream Meaning

When an ambulance shows up in your dream it brings your attention to immediate help. They will force you inside the ambulance and admit you to the hospital. This issues is long overdue and must be fixed. This is an urgent matter that will eventually be fixed.

The paramedics have been called as this issue is long over due. You might have been ignoring emotional, spiritual or physical pain that needs to be addressed asap. They are there as your guides wanting you to let go so the healing process can begin.

Doctor or Nurse Dreams

They appear as guides in your dream, essentially aspects of your higher self that has shown up to help. They let you know that the healing process has begin and its just a matter of time before you are healed of this on going issue.

Emergency Room Dreams

Often times in dreams we are rushed to the emergency room. These dreams bring your attention to the issues in your life that need imminent attention. These are good dreams that donate change arriving quicker than usual.

Type Of Hospital?

The older the hospital might reflect how old this issue might be. This would be a past problem that is need of fixing. A newer hospital suggests a recent issues that will be sorted out. A dilapidated hospital suggests the old ways we might have dealt with this problem.