Dreams About Hugging

Dreams of hugging or embracing someone are extremely vivid dreams known to feel real that contains a hidden message.

Hugging in dreams is a positive symbol that represents joy, acceptance, protection, and happiness between these two people.

When humans kiss – cuddle, hug, or even hold holding hands – our bodies release a “feel good” hormone. The body release a chemicals called oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Once these special hormones are released on our body we express feelings of joy, relaxation, increased mood, and protection. Your dream is hinting at something positive, but what exactly could that be?

Hugging Dream Meaning

When we hug someone in our dream we are often expressing or releasing some sort of unconscious emotion that have been pent up within. Hugging contains a hidden metaphorical message entwined between these two energies.

Depending on who the dreamer hugs will automatically change the meaning – a symbol that changes if you are hugging your ex, a dead loved one, a crush, or even being hugged from behind.

#1. Did You Hug Your Ex In Your Dream?

Dreaming of hugging your ex is considered a positive dream symbol reflecting acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love. The hug has more to do with the dreamer and not the ex. Alternately, someone who wants to get back or misses their ex might have dreams of this nature.

The so called image of “hugging” becomes a symbol of moving on mentally as you have had time to reflect. It can be months or years after the hug may emerge, a sign of unconscious emotions that have been acknowledged within. Hugging the ex occurs when a transition has occurred, the new version of you has made peace.

#2. I Hugged My Crush In My Dream!

Dreaming of your crush might be more complex than you think. Crushes can be viewed as more than just an infatuation but rather something bigger that is being projected in the dream.

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Hugging your crush in your dream hints at many possibilities. The infatuation or the desire to be “close” with your crush may be projected in your dream. Another meaning might be relating to the dreamers anima or animus – the inner masculine or feminine within the psyche that craves some sort of unconscious connection that is not fully understood yet.

#3. Cuddling Dream Meaning

Unlink hugging, cuddling someone in our dreams has more of a sexual undertone relating to desires, becoming closer, merging two energies and unconscious connection.

Alternatively, the need or longing for physical closeness, affection and security may be reflected by “cuddling” a need or craving for this in your life.

#4. Spooning Dream Meaning

Spooning is a form of cuddling where two people lay on their sides usually on a bed. Spooning in dreams is metaphoric for a need or desire wanting to be close to the person. Did you spoon on a bed? Bed are very  powerful dream omens relating to the unknown or sensual side of the dreamer.

Do You Dream Of Receiving Affection?

Opposite to hugging or cuddling, when we dream of receiving affection it becomes a positive dream of a transfer of energy. They have come to show you support, love and guidance during specific times in your life – unconscious connection that is not seen but felt.

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