Dreaming of Old House

House are very common yet symbolic dream symbols that represent the dreamers whole self. The house can be seen as a complex structure of the mind that contains repressed memories, past events, emotional functions, physical body and the unknown parts of the dreamer.

Individual rooms become a blueprint or map of your emotional and phyical nature, stored memories that might remain unconscious to you. What you find inside are hidden messages coded in symbols and images that bring you closer to your true self.

So why would you be visiting an old house in your dream? Entering an old house represents an the old part of you, the past that needs to be revisited. Inside this old structure contains forgotten memories, old habits, ideas, beliefs, or attitudes.

Common Old House Dreams:

  • Noticing an old house on fire,
  • Dreaming about an old house you used to live in,
  • Living in a old house,
  • Moving back to an old house,
  • Childhood old house.

 Interpreting Old House Dream

While you are inside the old house you might notice particular objects, relatives, different floors, or forgotten toys that will help piece the puzzle together. The main objective is to find out why you needed to go back to this house.

The items detected inside the house might remain unconscious to the dreamer, they will appear to have significance connecting you to your past. These specific objects are entirely unique to the individual.

The condition of the old house in your dream determines if this is a forgotten memory, or a part of psyche that remains neglected or left abandoned. Dreaming of an old childhood home would translate differently then entering an unknown old house.

Dreaming Of An Old House

Dreaming of a old run down house that has been forgotten about brings your attention to things in your life that have been left unattended. You might be revisiting this dilapidated structure in order to make sense of what has shaped who you are in the present moment.

Your past experiences that you are experiencing today were likely shaped by the past events you have been through. Events in your childhood or early adulthood have shaped the way you think, act, and interact with people close to you.

Some of these memories can be both positive and negative depending the comfortably and foundation of the house. As if this old house is a mirror piercing into your past wanting you to identify with something. If the inside need work it would be an indication to do some self examination of how you past effect the future.

Dreaming: Childhood Home

Heading back to your childhood home contains a very important message for you to examine. Does this bring you back to a time of innocence, or are you reliving an unconscious traumatic event?

The house is a mold and foundation of who and what you have become today. This is why in our dreams it is very common to head back to the house we once grew up in.

What was the condition of the house? How was your comfort level? A positive experience might bring you back to good times and forgotten memories that need to be relived. A change to reclaim you innocence and have fun in life.

Often times due to past childhood trauma the home may appear to be haunted or run down, a symbol for you to do inner child work. This is the child that is trapped in the mind of every adult who experienced a particular type of trauma. Often times his can range anywhere from parents divorcing, enduring phyical or mental abuse, financial stress; or emotional neglect. Sometimes it can be as simple as having your favorite childhood toy being thrown in the trash.

You are provided with clues inside this old childhood home that contains lost or fragmented parts of yourself that still remains unconscious.

Dream: Old House On Fire

I am sure many people might think of a house on fire can be considered a negative omen, but this might suggest a transformation. Fire has the ability to consume, illuminate and bring death in order for change to come. Where did the fire start and who caused it to ignite?

The old house can be seen as a past structure, memories, behaviors, and habits that are no longer part of who you are. A symbol of death and resurrection, purification of the soul – burned away the old wood for the new to form. Many cultures view fire as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Dreams: Windows & Doors

Did you notice some of the doors or windows being opened or closed in the old house? This can brings your focus to new opportunities and personal freedom. You might be given ‘a window of opportunity’, as opening suggest luck and insight to your minds. Locked or closed windows suggests views, perspectives and growth closed off.

The Doors in your childhood home bridge openings or closing relating to emotional, mental or outside opportunities. Closed door are symbols of set backs or being stuck in a particular situation.

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1 year ago

Dreamt of my home where I live with my parents in college. I knew my parents no longer lived there but planned to go over for a meal. First it was with my boss, then with my estranged husband. While in the house I realized we no longer owned it and we’re either renting or sold it to someone else. We still had our meal and as we cleaned up, the teenage son of the family living there came home and calmly asked who we were. As we explained and packed up to leave, his father came home as well… Read more »

Gopi Annoyance
Gopi Annoyance
2 years ago

Really good article. I keep having a recurring dream about being stuck inside my closet in my house. I am currently in the closet myself but I am afraid to tell my mom because she will be upset.

Reply to  Gopi Annoyance
2 years ago

I know telling your mom your truth will never be easy, but her reaction shouldn’t be more important than your mental and emotional wellbeing.

2 years ago

I was with a girls group and we were talking on green grass and then there was this old unstapl apartment and a and I sold cookies and then the person didn’t answer so I went to the next home but then the women from the other home came out and then we were flying on broomsticks then we were in red cars then we were back at her home and I told her some stuff then she went in to her home and told her big family (about 20 people) and then came out and pushed me.

Reply to  The Dreamer
2 years ago